Younger students won silver at the Fat Pipe Open Junior floorball tournament


At the weekend, three teams from the floorball section of the Sport Club Klatovy went to Pilsen, where great battles awaited them in the traditional Fat Pipe Open Junior youth tournament. The younger students did best, taking home silver. The floorball players from the preparatory school and the students mainly enjoyed the tournament and gained valuable experience. Read the evaluation of the club’s coaches.

Fat Pipe Open Junior 2023 – junior female.

| Photo: Floorball Klatovy

Preparation of Sport Club Klatovy

“On Saturday, I set out with a large group of our youngsters in the role of surprise coach. I didn’t even try to replace Klára Mala and Jirka Klouda, my goal was not to embarrass the coach. The goal of our team for this tournament was definitely to compete with teams from other regions,” commented coach Jan Polomis.

Fat Pipe Open Junior 2023 – preparation.Source: Floorball Klatovy

“One of them was the Hořovice team and the other was the Prague Black Angels team. We fought in the group, but unfortunately it was not enough to win. Unfortunately, in the play-off part, we continued the unsuccessful group and after two defeats, the tournament ended for us. We definitely enjoyed the tournament, but unfortunately the opponents were better. However, we enjoyed a sunny day full of floorball in Pilsen, what more could we ask for,” said Polomis and ended by thanking all the parents for their support and the children for playing.

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Pupils of Sport Club Klatovy

“On Sunday, we played the Fat Pipe Open Junior youth tournament with the students. The teams FbC Plzeň, Karlovy Vary, Besta Chodov and Black Angels were waiting for us in the group. The children and I gathered in a decent number of nine players (8+1) with the aim of enjoying a day full of floorball with a large portion of played matches. In the regular part of the tournament, we didn’t manage to score a single point, however, the game gradually improved with each match,” said Martin Klán, the coach of the Klatovsk pupils.

Fat Pipe Open Junior 2023 - students.Fat Pipe Open Junior 2023 – students.Source: Floorball Klatovy

“In the final part of the tournament, where we played a mini-table for placement, we also managed to win one match. I’m glad that the children enjoyed the tournament, even if we sometimes had to clarify a few things. But I evaluate the tournament positively from a global perspective and I’m glad that after a long time I was able to work again in the younger categories,” he added.

Younger student of Sport Club Klatovy, illustration picture.

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Younger student of Sport Club Klatovy

The first ones we competed against were the opponents from Chomutov. We were 0-2 down halfway through the game, but we couldn’t pick up the pace, we lacked combativeness and lost 1-5. We analyzed the game and the commitment and the girls went on a run with the SVKI Plzeň team. A team of completely different players in the same jerseys entered. Fighting, dedication and commitment were behind our 5:1 win. In the match against the host Slávia Plzeň, we continued our efforts and won 3:0. In the semi-final match, we met the SVKI Plzeň team again, the girls left nothing to chance and after a 6-0 win we were in the final,” Radek Mašát, the coach of the Klatovsk girls, rejoiced.

Fat Pipe Open Junior 2023 - junior female.Fat Pipe Open Junior 2023 – junior female.Source: Floorball Klatovy

“And Florbal Chomutov again… the girls went into the final match with commitment, they fought and they don’t need to be ashamed of the final result of 2:4 for the opponents. The result is a silver medal, which pleased not only the players, but also our loud fans. We thank them for their support, sweet refreshments, and for the whole sunny Sunday they dedicated to us. We also thank the organizers for a nice tournament,” he concluded.

Younger student of Sport Club Klatovy.

The position in the middle of the table corresponds, says the coach of the young floorball players from Klatovsk

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