The driver in the Superb smashed cars like dominoes. When he breathed, the police couldn’t believe their eyes

The driver in the Superb smashed cars like dominoes. When he breathed, the police couldn’t believe their eyes
The driver in the Superb smashed cars like dominoes. When he breathed, the police couldn’t believe their eyes

Mercedes, Peugeot 308, Skoda Fabia, Hyundai i20. All these cars took a crazy ride to the pier of a drunk driver along Česká Lípa. He flew into the parked cars in a superb and demolished them like dominoes. See how the cars turned out after his raid in the gallery.

A Škoda Superb made its way along Česká Lípa from U Nemocnice Street to Žitavská Street on Monday in the early evening. However, the 27-year-old driver was no longer driving his car in Bardějovská street.

“Suddenly, he veered from his direction of travel to the right, off the road, where there were parked vehicles in a row,” describes police spokeswoman Ivana Baláková.

The first hit was a parked Mercedes, the impact then caused a domino effect – the Mercedes moved onto the Peugeot 308, the one onto the Škoda Fabia and the other onto the Hyundai i20 standing next to it.

The result is material damage preliminarily calculated at 335 thousand crowns.

And the reason why the superb suddenly shot off the road between parked cars? The young driver was completely on the pier. “A breathalyzer test on the driver of the Superb showed that he had 3.75 percent of alcohol in him,” the police spokesperson points out.

Alcohol behind the wheel. Experts have described what half a percent or 2 percent in the blood will do to us


At the same time, even at two per thousand, the driver has no chance to control his car. According to experts, in such a state, muscle control is almost zero, as is attention and processing of perceptions from the environment. The driver is no longer able to maintain a straight driving direction and brake properly. Responses will come late or not at all.

At values ​​above 3 parts per thousand, there are already disorders of consciousness, heart rhythm disorders or cessation of breathing and blood circulation may also occur. In this state, driving is not even physically possible for most people. If so, the driver is essentially driving “blind” and does not react to anything that is happening around him.

​The police called an ambulance to the scene of the accident, but apart from drunkenness, they did not find any serious injuries on the driver. After the crew treated him at the scene, the ambulance left without him.

Fortunately, the drunk driver did not take anyone in the car. The police subsequently took away his vehicle registration certificate, he did not have his driver’s license with him.

​”The accident will end up in a criminal court, where he will be held responsible for endangerment under the influence of an addictive substance. In this context, he faces up to three years in prison,” adds the police spokesperson.

The police deal with drunk drivers every day. One inhaled 3.6 per thousand, another almost the same:


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