Feri’s trial is adjourned until the fall. Experts need more time for reviews


The district court for Prague 3 will continue hearing the case of former MP Dominik Feri until October, canceling the originally ordered July hearings. It follows from the judicial database. According to Czech Television, which drew attention to the cancellation of the meeting, the reason is that experts need more time to prepare expert opinions. The former member of parliament denies the indictment.

The court last dealt with the case at the end of April, when it finished questioning Feri. Experts, witnesses and also injured girls testified at previous hearings. The public was excluded from most of the proceedings to protect the victims. The judge subsequently adjourned the hearing to July 25 and 27. She advised that it is not certain whether the court will deliver a verdict within the deadlines, it depends on whether additional evidence will be needed.

But now the court canceled both negotiations. Nthese dates are set for October 26 and 31, as well as November 2. Meetings should start at 09:00 on all days.

The public prosecutor describes in the indictment three acts, two from 2016 and the third from 2018. In two cases they accuse Feri of rape, in the third case of attempted rape. The former MP faces up to ten years in prison, the indictment claims that he committed one of the acts on a then seventeen-year-old girl.

Feri has repeatedly denied that he would have committed sexual violence or taken advantage of someone’s defenselessness.

The Office for Personal Data Protection was also looking into whether Feri had committed an offense by disclosing the name of the witness in his statement to the media before the court. According to Denik N, he postponed the proceedings.

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