WC hockey 2023 | USA – Czech Republic 3:0. Unable to defend the bronze medal, the hockey player is in the quarterfinals


When the two teams met in Tampere in the bronze medal match, it was one of the biggest turnarounds in the history of Czech hockey. From 1:3 to 8:4.

David Pastrk scored a hat trick. the window for the precious metal ended after a long ten-year window. The fans in the packed stands applauded Karim Jalonen all day.

A year later, he left Finland’s Nokia Arena disappointed. The game won’t lead to a medal yet. For the last eight years, the national team has met the world champion in the quarterfinals.

From Amerian, in the last game of the tournament, he took the fourth painful penalty.

In 2004, the audience was saddened by the burst of Andy Roach, twelve years later Auston Matthews decided on his own. In 2018, they didn’t even look for the hot Patrick Kane.

Esk stdaka suffered, while the American hockey player glorified glorified glorification.

This time, they didn’t have a stellar defense against them, but they still couldn’t succeed. On the contrary, in the overwhelming majority of their lives, they were late and followed up with brutal actions against the Czech Republic and Canada.

It turned out again that if Roman ervenka and Dominik Kubalk don’t have a day, no one can replace them in terms of productivity. Again, the stalk was missing, hopes for a good outcome appeared only at the end of the second stage.

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The game after the twist sirn only disappointed pihleli deserved joy in tboe soupee. They approach the tournament with conflicting feelings, they did not look like one of the strongest players in the competition.

Horm temm were also in the quarterfinals. The Saints of Jalonen took part in the rescue and played passively, they were defensive and from then on they slowly pushed themselves into the rules.

They faced the same problem on Tuesday against Canada. In the first period of a tight duel, the group’s core team managed four goal attempts, this time they failed Casey DeSmith only twice.

They did not help each other even in the pesilovka, the combination of special formations could surprise many. In the first, there were five left-handed players, while in the second, on the contrary, the right-handers and Radim Zohorna entered the second.

Check out Matt Coronata’s hit leader:

May 25, 2023 at 3:50 p.m. pspvek archived: May 25, 2023 at 5:36 p.m.

Until then, Amerian was cautious after the return of Dylan Samberg after the morning. And they immediately became the leader of the group. Matt Coronato spat out of the puck, the puck went into the corner after bouncing off Michal Jordn’s skate.

Karel Vejmelka had to bend down. His deployment was not surprising, the birthday boy made a name for himself with certain performances in matches against Norway and Slovenia. And he caught a lot of sun in the game with Canada.

Czech defenseman Michal Jordn (47) skated the puck into his own goal in the quarterfinals of the World Championship with the United States.

This time he had to hit thirty-four times, with great exhaustion he had to sweat before the start of the quarterfinals. In the previous round of the campaign, the team always managed to send an average of eight shots on goal.

David Quinn’s Saints controlled the game, the defenders had to pay close attention only at the end of the middle half. Even though they were very active on the move, they caused problems for the warm-up defenders during basic actions.

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They also worked out some interesting tricks. Jakub Zboil appeared completely alone in the space between the circles, but missed the goal. Jakub Flek’s quick attack also lacked accuracy.

Soupe behaved a little more consistently and patiently in the end. Pekal made difficult moments and scored a second in the twenty-ninth minute, Nick Perbix hitting the space above Vejmelk’s left shoulder with a shot from the goalpost.

After a double jump, Amerian set off again. And they didn’t let up. Thus, they continued the excellent performance of the basic group A, which they somewhat surprisingly won excellently.

Take a look at American quarterback Nick Perbix:

May 25, 2023 at 4:31 p.m. pspvek archived: May 25, 2023 at 5:37 p.m.

They didn’t lose even once, they defeated Finland and the country. They occupied the first place, collected twenty points, scored the most goals of all (34). And don’t have a roster full of NHL stars, play attractive hockey and earn respect.

On the ice this time too, they were confident on the puck, constantly looking for open spaces and fighting for the puck. They didn’t lack self-sacrifice either, as demonstrated by Scott Perunovich, who blocked Michala Kempnma in a solo run with a quick jump.

The native team started again with seven defenders and a few tons. David Tomek moved into the action, only taking the position of right winger in the fourth line next to Michael Pak and Daniel Voenlek.

Czech goalie Karel Vejmelka (50) in response to the action of American striker Sean Farrell (21), who defender Michal Kempn (6) is trying to find.

The first extraliga champion with Tinc became one of the games that watched this event only from the crowd. Jalonen reacted to the unpleasant development of the quarterfinal with changes in the lineup, withdrawing Jiho ernoch and Ondej Bernek from the game.

Zohorna moved to Ervenka and Kubalka, Vladimr Sobotka replaced him in this line next to Martin Kaut and Jim Smejkal. And a completely new trio was formed by Flek, Tomek and Paek, who in the end did not finish due to injuries.

However, the necessary impulse did not appear. and they didn’t recover, they didn’t even try to turn around. When Cutter Gauthier took sixth place in the tournament, no one in the half-empty Nokia Arena doubted the progress of the team.

Not even the risk in the first place changed anything. Amerian zvr checked. And to confirm for the last five ampionts, they will compete for medals.

C. DeSmith – D. Samberg, N. Perbix – R. Grimaldi, N. Bonino, A. Tuch, L. Tuch – T. Kleven, S. Perunovich – A. Bjork , D. OConnor, C. Garland – H. Thrun, C. Mackey – C. Gauthier, T. Tynan, C. Mazur – L. Hutson – S. Farrell, P. Brown, M. Coronato

K. Vejmelka – M. Kempn, T. Kundrtek – R. ervenka, V. Sobotka, D. Kubalk, R. Lenc – T. Dvok, J. Kolek – J. Flek, J. ernoch, O. Bernek – M. Jordn, J. Zboil – J. Smejkal, R. Zohorna, M. Kaut – D. Nmeek – D. Voenlek, M. Paek, D. Tomek

Decision: M. Frandsen, L. Sewell – T. Wyonzek, E. Yletyinen

Excluded: 2:1

Goals scored: 3:31 p.m

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