President Pavle suffered a seizure while playing sports in the Highlands


Pavel visited the large Jihlava leisure complex Český mlýn, where he took part in a relay race of two teams made up of high school students and politicians.

The team with the governor won. The president, who was closing one of the relays, suffered a leg spasm soon after running. He ran up with a pained grimace on his face, but he did not give up and took the final shots. He quickly declined the invitation to go skateboarding with thanks.

“The presidential couple expressed a desire to recommend places to visit other than the obligatory talks at prestigious schools. They liked the tip about special education,” revealed Ivana Šteklová, head of the Vysočin Governor’s Secretariat.

It’s a message to Pavlo, he says about the rejection of the nomination of Zemanová and Baxa, a political scientist


The Pelhřimovská school in Komenského Street currently opens the horizons of less than fifty pupils with various types of limitations, the director Ivana Daňhelová characterizes the work in a family atmosphere with the words: “We are slow, but we leave a strong mark.”

“Mr. and Mrs. President walked around the individual classes during the lesson, were interested in the children’s work, and were very empathetic. The children were excited,” she described the course of the visit to Práva with undisguised joy. This was confirmed by the students themselves, who also went outside to say goodbye to the head of state.

“We wanted to see what inclusion looks like in another guard. How to integrate, or not to integrate, children with various forms of disabilities into the educational system so that it is as advantageous as possible for them. As with everything, it turns out that 100% inclusion is not good either, because some children really need special care. Although it is often not entirely comfortable for parents, we should take the children’s interest into account. They feel very comfortable in this school, I had an extremely good feeling about it,” the president praised the school, adding that there should definitely be more such facilities.

Photo: Jana Pechová, Law

The President with the Governor of Vysočina Vítězslav Schrek

In a closed meeting at the regional office, according to Hetman Vítězslav Schrek (ODS), the president listened to the opinions and positions of the region, for example on the completion of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, but also on the issue of a permanent nuclear waste repository. There was also talk of a high-speed line or of education that is able to produce qualified graduates that can be used in practice.

Photo: Jana Pechová, Law

Petr Pavel preferred to just look at the skatepark, his leg still hurt

Photo: Jana Pechová, Law

The president’s relay race was ruined by a cramp in his leg, but he finished the fight honorably even with the shooting

President Pavel went to Bavaria on a motorcycle


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