The end of the medal dream. The Czechs were not good enough for the USA, they recorded the worst WC in history


Disappointment, ruin, helplessness. The Czech hockey players end up at the World Championship already in the quarterfinals. At the place where they celebrated a sensational bronze medal a year ago, they lost to the Americans 0:3. The national team did not have the slightest claim against the overseas selection. The Czechs finish eighth, their worst finish in history. On the other hand, the revenge for last year’s battle with the Czech Republic for third place went perfectly in a tournament where the USA had not yet been defeated.

The Czech hockey players end up at the World Cup in the quarterfinals

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We must respect the result. We had the team we had here. I’m proud of the players,” said coach Kari Jalonen after the elimination. He did not want to speculate about his future. He also has a contract for next season, when the championship will be held in the Czech Republic.

“Disappointment. We didn’t catch the start, then we pushed it in front of us the whole match. I’m terribly sorry, I really thought we could handle the match,” sighed eight-goal Dominik Kubalík, who in the most important match of the tournament came up empty with America. “We started badly, but we could still get into the game, but it’s not possible without a goal,” stated captain Roman Červenka.

I missed our fierce hockey, Růžička said. He criticized the coaches’ approach to goalkeepers

The introduction was cautious. It was mainly played in front of Vejmelka, but he did not have to deal with any crisis situation. After six minutes, Kubalík made himself known. The best scorer of the tournament got the puck in motion and fired at DeSmith from the left wing.

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The Czechs got the advantage of the power play, but they did not get to threaten the American goalkeeper at all. And then they had to blame themselves. The Americans returned to the pressure, locked the Czechs in the zone and struck in the 13th minute. Coronato swept the rebounded puck from the turn and happily on Jordan’s skate against the goal. The USA had the opening act firmly under control, the opponent managed only two shots.

Waiting in vain for a goal

The Czechs entered the second period as a substitute. They created chances by attacking actively. In a tutu, Zbořil appeared alone among the circles, but it was as if he himself was caught off guard and failed to face DeSmith.

The fighters from overseas withstood the Czech onslaught unscathed and came out of nowhere with a goal response. In the 29th minute, Perbix, after winning a throw-in, sent the puck from the bar to the goal, and Vejmelka did not register the hidden throw. The Americans froze their opponents with another lucky goal and got back on their feet. Right at the end of the third period, Červenka had a long-awaited contact goal on his stick, which eluded the American defenders, but even the Czech captain was not ready for DeSmith.

Reasons for early retirement? Injuries and form, says Zajíc. They see the Americans in the finals

The United States carefully nurtured their lead and threatened it when they could. Vejmelka kept the Czech Republic in the game, but ten minutes before the end, he couldn’t reach Gauthier’s quick shot after a throw-in. Coach Jalonen tried a power play, but that was just a hopeless attempt.

Czech Republic – USA 0:3 (0:1, 0:1, 0:1)

Goals and saves: 13. Coronato (Hutson, Mackey), 29. Perbix (Grimaldi), 50. Gauthier (Tynan). Referee: Frandsen (Dan.), Sewell (Brit.) – Wyonzek (Can.), Yletyinen (Swed.). Exclusion: 1:2. No use. Spectators: 7411.

Czechia: Vejmelka – Kundrátek, Kempný, Košťálek, T. Dvořák, J. Zbořil, Jordán, Němeček – D. Kubalík, Sobotka, Červenka – O. Beránek, Černoch, Flek – M. Kaut, R. Zohorna, Smejkal – Tomášek, M Špaček, D. Voženilek. Coach: K. Jalonen.

USA: DeSmith – Perbix, Samberg, Perunovich, Kleven, C. Mackey, Thrun, Hutson – A. Tuch, Bonino, Grimaldi – Garland, O’Connor, Bjork – Mazur, Tynan, Gauthier – Coronato, P. Brown, Farrell. Coach: D. Quinn.

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