VIDEO: Blow for parking on the Yellow Hill in Brno, drivers will lose up to a third of their spaces


/PHOTO GALLERY/ Cars parked on both sides of the street, ambulances passing slowly in the narrow lane between them. Such is the daily routine around the pavilions of the Masaryk Institute of Oncology in Brno, where drivers can hardly find a place to park. From June, the situation will become even more complicated, people there will gradually lose up to a third of their parking spaces. The restrictions will last for approximately three years.

Up to a third of the parking spaces around the Masaryk Institute of Oncology in Brno will disappear.

| Video: Diary/Terezia Sekáčová

The reason is the cancellation of the parking areas above the former water reservoirs, due to the extensive landscaping. Moreover, after the work is completed, drivers will not park there again, so the oncology institute will lose eighty-three parking spaces. “At the beginning of next year, the number will decrease by another forty-two stalls in connection with the completion of the Švejd pavilion at Vaňkova náměstí,” calculated the deputy of the Masaryk Institute of Oncology, Radek Vach.

Of the existing almost three hundred and sixty parking spaces, approximately one hundred and thirty of them will disappear in the vicinity of the institution. At the beginning of June, the management of the oncology center will therefore start measures to prevent a traffic collapse. Most patients use cars to get to the pavilions. “First of all, we will set up quick entry and exit zones, the so-called Kiss and Ride. At the same time, we will set aside zones for ambulances to stand,” said hospital director Marek Svoboda.

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The first zone will be used for a quick stop by people coming from Žlutý kopec Street before entering the Masaryk Pavilion. The second of them can be found at the back gate of the institute, specifically in front of the entrance to the photon center. However, patients only get in and out of cars in these places, the drivers must then drive off and park in one of the parking lots, or in the adjacent streets.

Changes also await visitors in Žlutý kopec street, which is now used for two-way parking. They will now only park their cars on one side of the street. In addition, a barrier will be added to the parking lot in front of the Bakeš Pavilion from August, parking will be charged at the place of the institute’s management. “What’s left for me, I’ll have to adapt somehow. It’s already a horror,” Jaroslav Číž, for example, shrugged on the spot.

Source: Diary/Terezie Sekáčová

Ambulances and cars with immobile patients will park in front of the side entrance to the Švejd Pavilion or at the rear entrance to the Masaryk Pavilion. Of course, there will be transport seats and deckchairs, in addition, several parking spaces for the disabled will remain on the premises. “In terms of parking, we and our patients have three difficult years ahead of us. The situation around the Masaryk Institute of Oncology is not easy,” admitted the director there, Marek Svoboda.

According to estimates, up to three hundred and fifty parking spaces are currently missing in the vicinity of the institute. However, the improvement can only be seen until 2026, when the Oncology Prevention Center will be established on the site and the Švejd Pavilion on Vaňková náměstí will be completed. “Both buildings will cost a billion to a billion and a half. By putting them into operation, we will get over two hundred parking spaces around the buildings or under them,” continued Svoboda.

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Another help in the future will be the construction of a parking garage on the Yellow Hill in Brno. The building will offer over two hundred and forty places and will serve both patients of the oncology center and visitors to the nearby reservoirs. “We examined the possibility of a location in Tomešová street, but with regard to the proximity of water reservoirs, we abandoned this idea and focused on the Tvrdého location,” specified Markéta Vaňková, the former mayor of Brno.

However, part of the land on which the building will be built is owned by the state and the Masaryk Institute of Oncology can manage it. Therefore, the representatives of the city and the hospital confirmed their common interest in the construction of the parking garage by signing a memorandum of cooperation. “The task of the city will be mainly to procure project documentation and the necessary permits, secure financing, select a contractor and, after completion, ensure its operation,” explained transport councilor Petr Kratochvíl some time ago.

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The project is only in the preparatory phase, the next step is the processing of the documentation for the zoning decision and building permit. Estimated costs reach one hundred and twenty million crowns without tax, construction could begin in roughly three to five years. After the completion of the parking garage, people in and around the Masaryk Institute of Oncology will use over six hundred parking spaces.

Changes in parking on the Yellow Hill from June 1

Cancellation of 83 parking spaces above the former reservoirs.
Introducing two Kiss and Ride zones for a quick stop.
Parking in Žlutý kopec street only on one side.
Exclusion special parking lots for immobile patients and ambulances.
In August launch paid parking in front of the Bakeš pavilion.

Changes to parking on the Yellow Hill in the coming years

From next year, 42 places will be cancelled at Vaňkova náměstí.
From 2026 improvement in connection with the completion of the Cancer Prevention Center and the completion of the Švejd Pavilion.
Modernization will ensure over 230 new ones parking spaces.
Beginning within five years construction of a parking garage with another 242 stalls.
In the future, people in the area and its surroundings will use the total over 600 parking spaces places.

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