Life imprisonment for the execution of a woman in an Olomouc gambling hall. The killer was extremely cynical in court


On Thursday, the Olomouc Regional Court imposed a life sentence on 73-year-old Adolf Hlubik for the murder of a female casino worker in Olomouc. A senior shot a woman in the head during a robbery last May. She fought for her life in the hospital for ten months, and succumbed to her injuries in March of this year.

Adolf Hlubik was convicted of murdering a woman in a gambling hall on Masarykova Street in Olomouc

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Hlubik is a recidivist who has spent almost 50 years behind bars. He has a history of robbery, threats with a weapon and stabbing, in 1983 he was also tried for the murder of a fellow prisoner in Leopoldov, at which time he received 21 years.

The prosecutor also proposed a life sentence, the experts ruled out resocialization of the man. The judgment is not final, Hlubik has kept a deadline for appeal.

Disrespect for life

According to judge Petr Sušil, it was a cold-blooded execution, the man showed absolute recklessness and disrespect for human life.

“We have reached the conclusion to impose the most severe punishment,” the judge said.

According to him, the conditions for the life sentence were fulfilled when the woman died. He also met two other conditions – the crime committed is extremely serious due to a particularly reprehensible motive and resocialization of the offender is not possible.

The pensioner entered the gaming room on Masaryk Street on May 20 last year. He pulled out a revolver, which he had stolen from his grandson, on the employee, and with the words “Honey, pour 20,000, or you are dead, that’s what I’m telling you”, he asked the woman for money.

After a verbal fight, when the woman tried to grab a gun and then sat down in a chair, he shot her in the head from less than a meter away.

“It took you 51 seconds from entering the gaming room to dramatically change the lives of several people,” the judge told Hlubik. All actions of the perpetrator were caught on camera.

The shot worker of the Olomouc gambling hall has died. She fought for her life until the end

You shoot without hesitation

Hlubik, who has a permanent residence in an office building in Přerov, testified that he arrived in Olomouc that day from Ostrava. At the station, he allegedly “received a message telepathically” that the woman in the gambling hall owed 20,000 crowns.

“I told her politely that she owed money, and she then told me why you are doing this,” said Hlubik.

He described that she grabbed his gun with her left hand, after the fight he said he aimed her right side in the shoulder and fired.

“I had my finger on the trigger, and the alarm device went off and she didn’t answer my questions,” he explained to the judge as to why he fired.

He allegedly aimed at the shoulder, arguing that he could not see with his right eye and only saw outlines with his left.

However, according to the judge, he planned the robbery, and he had acquired a weapon for criminal activities in the past. He shot aimed and when aiming, he stretched his hand as close as possible to the victim’s head.

“You fired without hesitation. No audible alarm was triggered, you acted in complete cold blood,” the judge said.

Vengefully and without remorse

Hlubik showed no remorse. In court, he only stated that he would propose the victim to the president for a state award for bravery.

“I have not heard a more cynical statement by the perpetrator about his victim, neither from my experience nor from the experience of other judges,” added Judge Sušil.

The seriously injured woman was found unconscious tens of minutes later by an incoming visitor.

According to prosecutor Jindřich Pazdera, in addition to a selfish motive, the defendant also cited a revenge motive. “For not being scared and not showing him enough respect,” added the prosecutor.

Ten months of fighting for life

The shot woman fought for her life for almost ten months in the Olomouc hospital. She died on March 7 this year

“The doctor said, ‘Mommy has won several battles in a previously lost battle.’ The impact on the brain was great,” the elder daughter of a fifty-seven-year-old woman confided in the Olomouc daily.

According to the family, the woman’s health improved from time to time during her stay in the intensive care unit of the Olomouc military hospital. “Mom perceived, recognized us. I saw progress in those ten months: she was eating, drinking, speaking to us in one word. I couldn’t understand that he wouldn’t be able to do it,” described Petra’s daughter.

He whispers to the mother shot in the arcade: We must win. He wants to investigate the release of the killer

The deceased woman, who was a single mother, was survived by a younger fifteen-year-old daughter studying in high school. She is in the care of her older sister’s family. People’s solidarity and also the collection that the city of Štěpánov announced in support of her loved ones helped.

From the beginning, the family wondered about the fact that a person who spent 48 years in prison – among other things for murder in a prison in Leopoldov, where he beat a fellow inmate with a hammer – was moving around Olomouc. They are asking for the highest possible punishment for the murderer. “I believe he will receive an exceptional punishment. And he won’t get out of prison anymore.” Peter’s daughter told the Olomouc newspaper in March this year.

Thirteen convictions on the record

Since 1966, the accused senior has been sentenced thirteen times by court, mainly for violent criminal activity. In 1983, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison for murder, according to the verdict, he killed a fellow inmate in the Leopoldov Prison with a hammer.

In court, he had difficulty moving and communicating poorly, reading documents with a magnifying glass. According to the prosecutor, his state of health was probably also the reason why he didn’t take anything from the gaming room in the end – he would have had to go over the counter to get the money.

On 20/05/2022, an attacker brutally attacked an employee of a gambling hall in Masarykova Street in Olomouc. Photo from May 21, 2022

Shot from the game room, she remains in critical condition. It was an execution, assesses the expert

The third life sentence in the region

In the Olomouc region, this is the third case of a life sentence imposed for a crime committed in the region.

In April, the Brno Regional Court ordered men for life for last year’s triple murder of their relatives in Kostelec na Hané in Prostějovsk.

In December 2021, he left the Olomouc High Court with the same verdict Pavel Nárožný from Přerovaccording to the verdict, killed his father and his wife in 2009, the bodies of the victims have not yet been found.

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