A quick hit or a dominant game in the second half was not enough. The cobblers fell in Hranice

A quick hit or a dominant game in the second half was not enough. The cobblers fell in Hranice
A quick hit or a dominant game in the second half was not enough. The cobblers fell in Hranice

The footballers of Zlín B in the third league still do not have peace or a definite certainty of salvation. At the end of a long season, they keep losing points, losing. The young cobblers couldn’t even manage Wednesday’s 34th round in Hranice, where they took a quick lead after Ovesné’s goal, but lost the lead in the first half and eventually fell 1:2. The turnover of the home team was arranged by Rolinc from the penalty and Koláček.

Zlín B footballers (yellow jerseys) lost in Hranice in the inserted Wednesday 34th round of the MSFL.

| Photo: Deník/Jan Zahnaš

“Unfortunately, it happens again and again. Matches lately are like through a photocopier. Cheap, useless goals bring us down. The opponent has three shots on goal and from them he gives us two goals, while we do not convert our chances. At the same time, it’s not that bad in terms of the game and for example the second half in Hranice was very decent from us,” says David Hubáček, assistant coach of Zlín B.

The entry into the match also went well for the visitors. Ovesný rounded off a nice combination action with a header from the center of Trtek from the right side.

The people of Zlín continued to hold the ball, controlled the game, and did not allow Hranice to do anything. But in the 25th minute, a long kick came for the defense and a foul by the goalkeeper Šiška in the penalty area, and the home team scored a penalty. Rolinc took the ball and tied the score at 1:1 with a precise shot.

The home team came alive. They leveled the game and turned the result around with the second goal. Koláček scored with a hidden shot from behind the penalty area.

“Kulišek was just passing by, Šišek couldn’t see through him. It’s a great pity, it could have been prevented,” Hubáček knows well.

Otherwise, the first half did not bring any more serious moments. “The opening part was combative, full of duels and without any chances on either side,” reported the former defender of Zlín and Prague’s Slavia.

The second half clearly belonged to the junior shoemakers. After the change of sides, the guests had territorial superiority, had several chances, but did not even manage to equalize.

No complaint! It is impossible for VAR or the referee to be wrong, says Vrba ironically

Branecký, Slouk and Číž failed against the border goalkeeper Spurný.

“We were clearly better in the second half, they could score several times. On the other hand, the opponent concentrated only on defending the result. We were constantly conquering, they had a lot of standards, jams, but we kicked them badly. Most of them were caught by the goalkeeper. We should have behaved differently in the home team,” Hubáček knows well.

In the end, the boundaries fell apart physically, they finished in ten without the possibility of substitutions, but they did not let the win be taken away.

The shoemakers must quickly put the next defeat behind them, because they host Kvítkovice at home on Sunday. The derby starts in Vršava at 10.30.

MSFL, Round 34 inserted –
26. Jakub Rolinc from the penalty, 37. David Koláček – 3. Radek Ovesný. Referee: Freedom – P. Mayer, Gasnárek (Zahradníček). Yellow cards: Hapal – Jura, Slouk, Polášek. Spectators: 322.
Zlin B: Šiška – Jura, Slouk, Kulíšek, Trtek (59. Hartman), Červinka (59. Branecký), M. Mlýnek, Číž, Švach, Ovesný (84. Grygera), Polášek (84. Zábojník). Coach: Jelínek.

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