The residents of the blic can relax, the developer will not destroy their housing


The limitation of construction is determined by a new master’s study, which was created and presented by the Institute of Planning and Development (IPR). The document is being considered, according to it, in the future, a decision will be made about the share, its inhabitants are about to change.

The main scope of the study was to outline the development possibilities of the neighborhood, especially from the point of view of public space, preservation and addition of adequate amenities and minor urban planning interventions while respecting and preserving the existing values. The study will serve as a basis for the decision on the land and the process of full revitalization, said Deputy Mayor Petr Hlavek.

Aerial view of sdlit blice

About six years ago, the city decided to let the studio draw up the protest of residents against the construction of old houses along Stelnin Street, which was covered by the CPI company. In the study, the so-called lines are marked, which show where new buildings cannot be built between the houses, and the old ones cannot be born in the same way. The study only allows two floors to be built, with one being a so-called retreat. In the same way, only two floors can be used in low-rise buildings that serve as public amenities.

In the study, the track is placed on the green and the park, which creates the main axis of communication. It will change with the way to suit the way in which the local public space is used. Cycle paths will also be created, because according to IPR editor Ondej Bohe, pedestrians and cyclists have been killed. In the inner blocks, the study identifies places for social gatherings.

The space at the metro station C Ldv can thus be transformed. Around the metro station, the building of public amenities is in full swing. The entrance from the metro station would be in buildings, similar to, for example, Nrodn, etc. The document includes cities where two parking garages could be built. According to Prague 8 Mayor Tome Hebko, repair the fountain on Ldv.

Aerial view of sdlit blice. sla 1 and 4 indicate the position of the filled houses. Their appearance and shape are oriented and will be adjusted. Some houses are considered to have eight floors. The new study fully included this.

In the past, both the residents of the commune and the City Hall of Prague 8 have opposed the planned construction several times. Because of this, the town hall applied for a building contract for the purpose of sharing.

The people, together with the town hall, rejected such a sloppy construction and twenty-something house on the edge of the village, and the city council did not agree with the decision of the mayor to build an apartment building on the village.

Sdlit v blicch was established in 1968 and was supposed to be part of the so-called Severn Msta.

Sdlit blice

  • Among the Czech communities, this blick is valuable and recognized for its concept and urbanistic value. Not far away, in U Prefy Street 771/25, the first burst of panels was created in 1955.
  • Sdlit blice is named after the city street Praha-blice, but the land of Kobylis in the city street Prague 8.
  • It was created in the Severno Msta region. The architectural competition on one blic was held in 1962 with the highest award for J. Novotnho and J. Krise. The cars were created as an experiment. Between the houses, a park with ponds, trees and many gardens was created.
  • The residents there have a great service for the quality of communication. They also began to gradually modify the area around the panels on their own initiative after the construction.

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