I will not give in to pressure, Fiala told the people. “Prepare to resist!” came back


Most of the savings will be on the expenditure side of the state, national subsidies for companies in the amount of 46 billion crowns will be cut. Furthermore, the costs of state employees amount to 20 billion crowns. On the income side, the government coalition of five presented VAT changes, higher taxes, two new rates and the cancellation of 22 tax rebates, as well as a change in pensions.

The consolidation package is sharply criticized by the opposition and the trade unions. But the government coalition of five, headed by Fiala, believes that the only thing they have to do now is to explain their actions sufficiently in order to sufficiently defend to the people that they are taking their money.


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Therefore, the Prime Minister explained in Radiožurnál why the changes that the austerity package entails are necessary. “We have a situation where the state is getting into trouble because of growing deficits. And I think everyone understands that you have it both in the family, if you constantly have higher expenses than income, then it will turn out badly. And just as it will turn out badly for every household, if it has a long-term higher income than expenses, so it will turn out badly for the state,” emphasized the Prime Minister in Radiožurnál.

“We have to take those measures. And it is clear that individual interest and professional groups will speak up. We counted on that,” continued Petr Fiala.

“We are ready to discuss and I have said it repeatedly: we are ready to correct where we made a mistake. I don’t know of anything like that yet. But we are not ready to give in to pressure,” the Prime Minister emphasized repeatedly.

But people laughed at his arguments on the Twitter social network, where he shared a short video from this interview.

“Tax increases are not savings. You have something mixed up,” the debater told the prime minister.

Another contributor to the discussion pointed out that the state is definitely not saving where it should and is taking meaningless steps: “That’s why overpriced military scrap is bought and the Pirates are given freedom to use an identifier – another step towards state fascism. And not to mention arming Ukraine,” she wrote.

It won’t work without resistance, some tell Fiala. “So you will have to prepare for the latter as well, Mr. Fialo. Citizens are already under pressure from your government in many areas. We are losing freedom of speech and independent police. We are losing democracy. Get ready for backlash,” wrote a Twitter user.

“It is not possible to tighten people to the maximum possible strength and at the same time waste money on rewards for civil servants. Set the ceilings for the rewards, otherwise you will be screwed,” added František Kölbel.

People reminded that the government itself was to blame for the deficits, namely the budget proposal, which they could reduce with a larger dividend at ČEZ.

The most frequently voiced opinion was that the state should start with itself, and the violation of pre-election promises was also mentioned. “Why don’t you realistically reduce the costs of the state? Why should porn magazines be priced lower than baby water? Why does wine not have an excise tax? How is the alcohol in it beneficial? Why did you promise not to raise taxes before the elections, and after the elections you increased them, even though you knew how the Czech Republic was doing?” asked debater Pavel.

“We need to start saving on expenses. Fire 70% of the officials now. Repeal police officers and fire 50% of them. Finally start saving now. That’s how we do it in the family,” Josef Beránek added his advice.

As part of the example of comparing the behavior of the state to a family that has financial problems, people also offered other perspectives on how to solve the situation. “You’re right, if the family can’t afford it, they won’t buy a car, that makes sense, if the state can’t afford it, they’ll buy dozens of armored vehicles, for me you’re unelectable,” read one of the responses.

“It’s a shame I’m not your wife, you brat from Brno! I would divorce you and rob you as part of the divorce proceedings…” Martin Krejzar did not take napkins with the Prime Minister.

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