Chamber of Commerce: Account to support young people who will represent the “golden Czech hands” at the European Championship


25/05/2023 16:08 | Press Release

Led by leading Czech experts in nine professions, young people have the ambition to show Europe the high quality of Czech work and how ready they are to take over from their older colleagues. After two years of preparation, they are preparing for the EuroSkills European Championship, where European countries measure the level of professional knowledge and skills. 32 countries will represent the Czech Republic in the competition. People, companies and municipalities can now support them financially on a transparent account.



Description: Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic

The costs of representing the Czech Republic at the championship held from September 5 to 9 in Gdansk, Poland, are calculated at 6.056 million CZK.

The Chamber of Commerce has already covered CZK 3 million from its own resources. It also established a center for domestic professional skills competitions under the CzechSkills brand and covers the salary costs of coordinators who, in cooperation with professional associations and companies, ensure the team’s professional and language training. Professional societies also supported the competition team, with the sum of 1.5 million CZK. The Chamber of Commerce also negotiates with companies about material and financial support for the national team. Transport to the competition will be paid by Scania, insurance by Kooperativa and transport of technical equipment will be sponsored by DHL. Komerční banka sponsors the national team with the amount of 250,000. CZK. Negotiations are also ongoing with the region.

It is possible to donate now to a transparent account (more HERE) number 10642672/0800 (Czech Savings Bank).

“EuroSkills is a top-level championship where national teams are strongly supported by their countries. We want to match such competition. The money will cover the comprehensive preparation as well as the actual participation of the Czech representation, accommodation and food, as well as the opening ceremony. So we also need Czech flags and other items with which we will present the Czech Republic. The collection will be open long-term, so that we can use it to finance the training of young people, their professional and language training, and shop windows related to participation in the next championship,” explained Roman Pommer, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and president of the Tiling Guild.


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The Czech Republic’s state-mandated coordinator of preparations for EuroSkills was the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic. She ensured that the Czech Republic returned to the European Championship in 2021 after 13 long years.

The event supports professional skills, increasing the prestige and quality of technical and other professional professions. It declares the level of the education system and practical teaching in each country.

Already in 2021, at the championship in Austria, Czech young talents in pan-European competition took 5th to 11th place in professions such as painter, tiler, truck repairman or refrigeration and air conditioning equipment technician.

“However, we are the only country in Europe where the government does not show any interest in supporting the national team, whether it is communication of this most prestigious competition held once every two years, promotion of Czech participation or at least material support or financing of the national team,” explained Roman Pommer the reason why the Chamber of Commerce decided to open an account through which people and companies can support the national team with their contributions. “The exception is the President of the Senate, Miloš Vystrčil, who is the only politician interested in the preparation of the Czech team for this championship, and even received the entire team on the floor of the Senate,” added Pommer. The Chamber of Commerce also turned to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, under which talent support falls, with a request for support. However, due to the conditions of subsidized titles set by the department, the contestants will not be supported in any way.

Young people who will represent the Czech colors in Europe. Completed with the disciplines in which they will compete and also from which region they come:

  • Tomáš Bačina, web designer, Dolní Stakory (Mladá Boleslav district, Central Bohemia region)
  • Jiří Hruška, CNC miller, Domažlice (Pilze region)
  • Jakub Chmelík, painter, varnisher, decorator, Prague 6
  • Richard Klimeš, truck mechanic, Boskovice (Blansko district, South Moravian Region)
  • David Pelikovský, flooring, parquetry, Bakov nad Jizerou (Mladá Boleslav district, Central Bohemia region)
  • Benjamin Przeczek, mechatronics engineer, Dolní Domaslavice (Frýdek-Místek district, Moravian-Silesian region)
  • Jakub Szlaur, mechatronics engineer, Orlová (Karviná district, Moravian-Silesian region)
  • Petr Valach, plumber / heating engineer, Česká Rybná (Ústí nad Orlicí district, Pardubický region)
  • Vít Vaňura, refrigeration electromechanic, Hořice (Jičín district, Hradec Králové Region)

You can find the official website of EuroSkills 2023 HERE.

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