“Absolute horror. Treason!” Fiala was attacked from within his ODS. See why


In recent days, some politicians from the coalition parties have criticized the Pirates, the least numerous member of the government’s lower house majority, for having left-wing extremists and communists in their ranks. The pirates are even voting on the Internet to expel their member Jana Michailida, who describes herself as a communist, but according to the media, the vote is close and the pirate has a strong support in the party.


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Jana Michailida earned criticism from the head of the party, Ivan Bartoš, with her Twitter post in which she boasted about her participation in the so-called Days of Anti-Capitalism, where Marxist lectures and debates were supposed to take place. Bartoš described her participation in the event as completely inappropriate, saying that many of Michailid’s statements do not correspond to the views of the Pirate Party.

“She should, although I still believe that a significant part of her thinking is played by a somewhat stupid and first-rate provocation, think and reevaluate her functioning in the public space. Communism and fascism are equally pernicious ideologies,” Bartoš also said.

The strongly left-wing positions of a number of members of the Pirate Party were the subject of sharp criticism before and after the elections, especially by members of the ODS, who feared that it would be impossible to create a government composed of both the right-wing ODS and the left-wing Pirates. Today, however, this part of the civil democrats is dealing with completely different things. Judging at least according to the information of our editors, who had the opportunity to speak with several members of the ODS from different parts of the country.

They don’t mind the Pirates as such, but the attitudes and behavior of the party leadership in the government, which, according to them, ran over the pirate, green and liberal-left program. Strong anger was also caused by the words of Prime Minister and ODS chairman Petr Fiala at the pirate convention that “we are on the same page and in the same boat”.

According to a prominent member of the ODS from the east of the republic, at first there was a fear that the Pirates would not throw sticks under the feet of the other parties in the government, but it turned out completely differently. “We don’t really need the Pirates anymore, because we, as ODS, have in reality fully rejected their senseless agenda. After all, we voluntarily do the same thing that the Pirates have been pushing for years, only they normally have it in their program and say it openly, while we say something in advance and do the exact opposite. We reject the Green Deal, we reject the end of internal combustion engines, we will not allow it, we will not raise taxes. You know the reality. It was one lie after another. This is not just a violation of pre-election promises, this is lying to people’s eyes in a live broadcast and betrayal,” the long-time civil democrat described to us. “At least the pirates stand their ground and you know what to expect from them. It doesn’t apply here,” he complains.

“I feel complete despair from where the ODSka has moved. We wonder why they have trampled on our entire program and ideas at the government level and are willingly accepting harmful green-red nonsense. They approve some green depravity and there is silence on the footpath, instead we hear the prime minister’s stupid speeches full of constructive phrases about how tomorrow we will be even better off than today, that some live beyond their means, that we must combat harmful opinions and not let to subvert our democracy. That’s absolutely horrible! Instead of being proud of the right-wing conservative prime minister, we pat ourselves on the forehead for continuing the worst tradition of Jakešov’s speeches from Červený Hrádek,” says a member of the ODS.

A similar opinion is shared by ODS members from other parts of the country. As ParlamentníListy.cz has written many times before, one of the main long-term problems that civil democrats in the regions complain about is the non-communication of the leadership. “No one is interested in our opinions, we have no chance to communicate with anyone at the top, we are cut off. It looks like they are afraid of what we will tell them. When the party gets to such a stage, it cannot be a good sign,” another regional member of the ODS summarizes the situation from his point of view.

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