Remembrance Day – Police of the Czech Republic

Remembrance Day – Police of the Czech Republic
Remembrance Day – Police of the Czech Republic

PLZEŇSKÝ KRAJ – In our region too, today we commemorate the International Day of Missing Children.

Since 1983, when the President of the United States of America declared the twenty-fifth of May as Missing Children’s Day in memory of a six-year-old boy who went missing on his way to school in New York in 1979, this day has had a long-standing tradition. The name – Forget-me-not Day is derived from the forget-me-not flower, whose translation from English means “don’t forget me”. Since 1986, this day has been regularly commemorated. The 1st annual Remembrance Day took place in the Czech Republic in 2004.

In connection with this day, police prevention officers in the Pilsen region are addressing children who are affected by the just-mentioned topic and reminding them of the risks involved in running away from home. The purpose of the project is also to raise awareness regarding the active involvement of people who could, in cases of missing children, contribute to finding them. Police officers will introduce the issue to children through a newly developed story Bunny’s Dangerous Adventure, which was prepared for this year by the AMBER Alert Europe foundation. The story aims to teach children in a playful way how to behave correctly and safely so that they do not get lost.

As soon as the police receive a notification of a missing child who may be at risk to life or health, the so-called National Coordination Mechanism for the Search for Missing Children is launched. It is a means by which all information about a missing child reaches the general public in a very short time through the media.

If you report a missing child to the Police of the Czech Republic, it is important to provide:

– as much information as possible about the child – a detailed description of the child, specific features (glasses, speech defects, scars, etc.)

– a description of the clothes the missing child should be wearing

– current photo

– health, mental state, or information that is essential to the search

– other information that would be significant for the search

Remembrance Day – Police of the Czech Republic

capt. Bc. Hana Kroftová
May 25, 2023

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