Stoves, stoves and kettles. MasterChef Czech Republic headed to the campsite

Stoves, stoves and kettles. MasterChef Czech Republic headed to the campsite
Stoves, stoves and kettles. MasterChef Czech Republic headed to the campsite

Now the amateur chefs in the MasterChef competition are facing harsh camp conditions. Ashes, knives and fireplaces… and classic durable camping food prepared in barrels. However, the contestants in the first round must bring them up to the level of the MasterChef Czech Republic competition.

The second outdoor challenge of MasterChef Czech Republic is here

This time, the contestants of MasterChef Czech Republic will go on the water to the camp in Sázava. The nine chefs are divided into three teams of three. The task of each team will be to cook quality boating food worthy of a MasterChef competition in field conditions. “Today you will have at your disposal a gas stove, Swiss knives, eshus, a kettle and if necessary you can use the fire pit. stated the first juror’s challenge Radek Kasparek. “The worst of you will go straight to elimination,” adds to the entry Premek Forejt.

Mára, the captain of the gray team, chooses sour lentils with a poached egg, Honza’s wine team comes up with a new recipe for potato chips, and the pink team, led by Adam, tries to elevate the classic cabbage and potato chips.

Perishable foods make excellent dishes

Thus, only two teams will make it to the second challenge of MasterChef Czech Republic, which were able to whip up excellent dishes from basic non-perishable foods. However, the next task will not be as simple as it seems at first. “Under this cauldron lies the legend of all hungry windows. Each of us has had it at one time or another, and those who say they haven’t, are secretly using it until now. Loved by some, eternally damned by others… Langoš,” he challenged Premek Forejt.

Competitors will have an outdoor pantry and 60 minutes to prepare all the components for langoustines, which they will then serve to 40 hungry paddlers. They then have to decide which team coped better with the challenge and will watch the next episode from the safety of the balcony.

Viewers will see who won’t drown in the outdoor challenge at Sázava on Wednesday, November 1 at 8:20 p.m. on TV Nova. The premiere episode of MasterChef Czech Republic is now on Voyo.

Source: TV Nova, Voyo

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