The Czech Republic is flooded with fake SMS messages. They are not from the insurance company, warns VZP


However, according to the latest warning from VZP, the attackers are still active, and according to the insurance company’s estimates, there may already be thousands of fraudulent messages circulating in the Czech Republic. Fraudsters send them from different phone numbers, so blocking them is practically impossible. However, it is not clear at the moment whether the fraudsters have already managed to trick someone during the past two weeks.

“Some VZP clients have received fake SMS messages on their mobile phones inviting them to make a financial transaction regarding health insurance with the General Health Insurance Company,” warned VZP spokeswoman Viktorie Plívová.

Vishing, smishing and phishing. Frauds have increased, security experts warn

Link to fake website

According to her, the fraudulent text messages contained text about ‘payment of money’ or ‘insurance payment is waiting for you’. The message also contained a link to the fraudulent website However, it is not excluded that fraudsters will gradually change their Internet addresses.

“The content of the SMS is also a link to a fake web address where the alleged transaction is supposed to take place. We advise our clients to ignore these messages and definitely not make any financial transactions through them. The given web address is fake!” the spokeswoman emphasized.

If users click on the link, they will be taken to a fraudulent website that quite successfully imitates the appearance of genuine VZP websites. Fraudsters then demand to log in via a bank identity. At the same time, they claim that it is necessary to get money.

If the client is not sure whether he received information from VZP CR or a fake message from fraudsters, he can check the authenticity at the helpline.

VZP spokeswoman Viktorie Plívová

Bank identity is actually used in similar cases – i.e. when verifying citizens – so even the most observant users may not notice that they are actually serving fraudsters access to their bank account as if on a golden platter. Cybercriminals are then just one step away from laundering the accounts of the trusting.

“If the client is not sure whether he has received information from VZP CR or a fake message from fraudsters, he can check the authenticity on the VZP helpline: +420 952 222 222. A clear guide for clients can also be that in the case of messages sent out in real from VZP, the name of the sender states: ‘VZP CR’ or ‘EKK’,” concluded Plívová.

It fools even the most cautious users. Spoofing is the modern weapon of cybercriminals

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