Czech r’n’b singers Dannie Ella and Andr3as present a joint duet full of emotions “Remember Our Song”


The single with the characteristic name “Remember Our Song” is presented to the Czech audience by a pair of young r’n’b singers Dannie Ella and Andr3as. Dannie Ella is no newcomer to our music scene. He has numerous artistic collaborations behind him, for example with stars such as Jiří Korn, Vladimir 518, David Koller, Ondřej Brzobohatý or Michal Pavlíček. Andr3as participated in the singles of mainly hip-hop artists such as DJ Wich, Ektor, Moja Reč or Slovak singer Tina, and at the same time composes music for various performers on our scene. Their joint song is accompanied by an impressive video clip, which the pair directed themselves. The singers are connected by long-term cooperation. Already during their studies at the conservatory, they created one of the first r’n’b and soul bands in the Czech Republic. The initial idea to make a joint song “Remember Our Song” came about ten years ago. But then the couple didn’t think it was the right time to release it, and it ended up in a drawer. It is only now coming to the world in an upgraded form.

“I remembered this duet when I was choosing songs for my debut EP. I thought it would be nice to give it a slightly more modern coat. That’s why I approached the Brazilian producer Santiago Ferreira, who then put the final sound on the song. The joint creation of us with Dannie is having so much fun that we decided to record more singles together.” describes singer, art director and music producer Andr3as. The song “Remember Our Song” tells about fate, love, tenderness, passing, coldness, loneliness, the end and rediscovered hope. The video for it was directed by the singers themselves, the camera was handled by the visual magician Duc To Minh from the creative agency Urbantree. Filming took place in several locations in Prague, with Korean-German dancer Eugene Nam and model with Czech-African roots Christina de Brito in the main roles. Dannie Ella and Andr3as impersonate the narrator in the clip. The clip is shot in the style of a fashion photo and is full of contrasts.

“In it, a living being collides with the lifelessness of cold urban architecture as a symbol of heart and reason. While Eugene’s creative body movement expresses feelings and the desire for communication and hope, Christina with her apparent stoic calmness and thoughtful composure personifies closedness and intransigence. Contrasts can cause in relationships the fact that people pass each other or, on the contrary, can connect them” describes Dannie Ella, a singer and songwriter with Greek roots.

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