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Do you want to get to know the most beautiful places of our country in a somewhat unconventional way? Go on a sightseeing flight in a balloon, where you can see them from a height of about 300 meters and avoid the crowds of tourists. How does such an experience take place?

You can enjoy a sightseeing flight almost anywhere

If you have any favorite placeit is quite likely that you will have a chance to get it view from a bird’s eye view. Whether it is a dominant feature in the form of Karlštejn, or perhaps Troska with its picturesque nature around, or Ostrava and its industrial architecture.

Balloon flights they run both over the countryside and over the cities, almost in 40 locations throughout the Czech Republic. Other take-off locations can be arranged individually. The exact route of the flight cannot be estimated in advance, but it can be seen from a height, so you will have a view of the wide area.

How is the balloon controlled?

Now that we’ve said that the route can’t be completely predicted, let’s explain it a little. The balloon does not have an engine and we cannot talk about steering in the true sense of the word. Yet an experienced pilot can fly where he needs to go. The best of the best can then prove it to you in various competitions, where they are able to land on a predetermined target.

But if you’re hoping to land in the same place you took off from, that rarely happens. Which doesn’t hurt, you’ll see a lot more that way.

So how does balloon control work?

The balloon itself gets into the air thanks to a burner that heats the air in the package. Warm air is lighter and will carry the balloon higher. Furthermore, the balloon travels in the direction and speed of the wind, which is usually up to about 25 km/h. And the magic of the whole procedure is that the pilot climbs or descends looking for suitable air currentswhich will take it to where it is needed.

How is the balloon flight?

But before you look under the hands of the pilot, the balloon must first be prepared for flight. You will meet the crew at the agreed place and go to the place of departure. There, the pilot first unwraps the balloon and fills it with cold air. This close up of you you will be surprised how huge it actually is. Large balloons that can hold around 20 passengers, se sticks up to a height of almost 40 meterswhich is the height of a 12-story building!

Once the balloon is inflated, it’s time to jump into the bin as it starts to heat up with the torch and heat the air. After a while you will start to climb and you will be treated to an hour of beautiful views. And because for security reasons it most often flies in the morning after sunrise or in the evening before its sunsetthe views are all the more captivating.

During the flight, the pilot communicates with the ground part of the crew, with whom he arranges the landing place. They will then be waiting for you there to take you back to the car. But before that happens, the first flight awaits ceremonial baptism four elements and promotion to nobility!

Safety is fundamental

So that you can enjoy your lover from a height safely, it is good select a verified provider, who regularly services his balloons. That is why the largest Czechoslovak adventure shop selects suppliers carefully, to make sure you are in good hands. Here you can choose both a classic sightseeing balloon flight with other passengers, as well as a private flight where you fly only with the crew you have chosen.

And how about experiencing an unconventional flight in a sports or historic balloon? There are more than enough to choose from!

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