Modernization continues. New platforms are being completed at the Kladno main station


Kateřina Nič Husárová


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The modernization of the Kladno railway line entails a number of traffic restrictions and closures. Currently, the railway crossing in Wolkerova street is closed until mid-November, intensive work is being done on site and new tracks are being laid.

A new platform is being completed at the main railway station in Kladno

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Likewise, new platforms are being completed in the neighboring main station. Emerging new platform will be accessible to passengers this month through a special entrance from the uni cell, where the ticket office is temporarily located.

Regarding the intended possible demolition of the original station building, everything is still under negotiation.

Visualization of the Veleslavín Railway Station project.

Modernization of the Prague-Kladno line continues. Trains will run underground in Veleslavín

According to original plans the building was to undergo a total renovation. “Regarding the state of the building uncovered during construction, the feasibility of repairs as planned is currently being verified. At the same time, we are also consulting with the city on these steps regarding the construction,” said Nela Eberl Friebová, spokeswoman for the Railway Administration.

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Plans of the Railway Administration they assumed that it was necessary to reconstruct the building, including all structures, and to leave only the perimeter walls. “However, it was only during construction that the deep foundations of the building could be uncovered. We are now checking whether this material can withstand the increased load of the new building structures,” said Eberl Friebová.

Workers in Kladno discovered a secret shelter from World War II underground.

Surprise in Kladno. Workers have uncovered a secret World War II shelter underground

Kladno spokesman Vít Heral said that the city will not defend the existing building at any cost. “There is a new, modern and functional solution up for discussion, which can also bring considerable operational savings. In this case, however, the condition of the city would be the highest possible architectural quality, optimally resulting from the architectural competition,” added Heral.


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