The former dormitory in Riegrovec is for sale. They are interested


Today, the former hostel in Riegrov Street, which was a disgrace to the historic center of Olomouc, is for sale. The owner had the two interconnected apartment buildings vacated and a study is being prepared to resolve the transformation of the buildings into modern student-type housing. There are people interested in buying.

The former dormitory in Riegrova street (buildings Riegrova 14 and 16) is for sale.

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“The property is cleared, except for DM Drugstore, which operates and remains, and is ready for an investor to buy and do with it as they see fit. The current owner prepared a basic study that deals with what could possibly arise there,” said Petr Korytar, director of the Hanáck real estate office, which ensures the sale of these apartment buildings.

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The owner commissioned a study for the reconstruction of Riegrovy 14 and 16, which envisages the construction of 52 accommodation units. These would be modern small apartments with their own social facilities with a total capacity of up to 82 people.

For comparison in a problematic hostelwhich ceased operations in August, had over 150 people, according to available information.

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According to Korytar, there are those interested in this interesting opportunity. They solve usage and make calculations. For now, the uses are directed towards what is currently proposed by the studio – student housing, small apartments.

“At the moment it is not before the signing of the contract,” he said, adding that local investors and groups outside Olomouc have shown interest in this set of properties standing at the entrance gate to the UNESCO-listed Horní náměstí.

The problematic hostel in Riegrov Street has been cleared. The police also assisted in the final, September 1, 2023

The problematic hostel in Riegroveka has been cleared. The conclusion was secured by the police

A better view of the future

The real estate agency does not publish the price of the offered connected apartment buildings. “We have agreed with the owner that we will not publish it, only when negotiating with specific interested parties,” he added.

In the past, the Morava Hotel operated in one of the buildings. Recently, apartment buildings have been a disgrace to the historic center.

“We all perceived that in the current unhappy state it was a black goose in Olomouc, and we are probably all glad that this stage has ended and it will have a better outlook for the future,” concluded Korytar.

Riegrova Street, October 5, 2020

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