The confused man employed constables and a locksmith. He had to go to the hospital after the accident


Police officers from the operational intervention group were recently dispatched to the North Terrace area. The informant reported to the operator that he urgently needed to open the apartment of his father, who had slammed him and was worried about his health.

The informant reported to the operator that he urgently needed to open his father’s apartment. He then had to go to the hospital.

| Photo: MP Ústí nad Labem

At the scene, it was found to be the apartment of the informant’s father, who is most likely lying behind the door and unable to get up.

“The subject communicated with the patrol clearly, but confusedly. He reported no pain. The patrol tried to open the door with a lock pick kit, but the door was locked from the inside. Since the man inside was not in immediate danger to his life, the whistleblower was advised to call a locksmith to avoid damage to the door,” said Jan Novotný, deputy commander of the MP Ústí nad Labem.

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The summoned locksmith, with the assistance of a patrol of constables, drilled the lock, and the patrol then opened the door. “The man was lying on the ground behind the door and had no idea where he was or what had happened. For this reason, the medical emergency service was called to the scene, which then took the man to Masaryk Hospital for a medical examination,” added Novotný.

The officers then replaced the broken fab insert with a new one and handed over the keys to the informant.

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Source: MP Ústí n. L.


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