PICTURE, VIDEO: The engine was clearly better and it won over Pilsen completely deservedly


They really took the time. Banes Motor’s hockey players won 4:1 over Plzní after a really honest performance and achieved a three-point extraleague victory after eight long games. They brought joy not only to the women, to whom Tuesday’s duel was dedicated. They will fight for more points on Friday in Hradec Králové (18), on Sunday they will host Komet Brno (17) in the Budvar Arena.

Joy in the Budvar arena after the victory over Pilsen.

| Video: Diary/ Pavel Kortus

The South Bohemians won fully deservedly. They practically didn’t let the opponents do anything, they outplayed them and they won absolutely convincingly 35:16 on shots on goal. “It’s a very important victory for us, because we haven’t won by three points in a long time,” agrees the assistant coach Engine Chiháka Jiří Hanzlík.

“It was probably not a good performance, but the boys tried and we were more active in the match. Power plays helped us. We deservedly won,” he emphasizes.

After a scoreless first period, the guests took the lead, but the pressure of the home team was so great that it could not have ended other than a turn in the game.

Acrobatic save by Pilsen's Samuel Hlavaj on a shot by Motor captain Milan Gulaš.

The engine took off, they beat Plzeň and after eight long games in a row they take three points

After the last two defeats against Sparta and in Olomouc, the coaches made a change in the elite attacks. He moved to first as a center Jáchym Kondelík, Canada’s Brant Harris went to second instead. “After a series of games where we didn’t score full points, we wanted to make some changes and this was one of them. By winning, it probably benefited, even if it wasn’t the key thing why we won. We’ll see how it goes. It can easily come back again, because the first line played well even with Harris,” reflects the assistant.

For the second time in the season, he started in goal instead of Dominik Hrachovina Jan Strmeň and he certainly succeeded, although he did not have to face any great number of shots from the opponent. “We won, which is important, even though Honzo didn’t have that much work. But at an important moment he caught a solo attack by Söderlund, which could have been crucial for the further development of the match,” he praised Hanslik the performance of the lanky goalkeeper, who once again managed to take advantage of one of the few chances he gets so far this year.


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