Part of the Olomouc tunnel has already been painted. When does it open?


Repairs to the two-kilometer section of the Olomouc tunnel are in the final stage. In some parts of the backbone road I/35, the company has already progressed so far with the replacement of asphalt that it could be driven at any moment.

It is finished in a stretch. There is already horizontal marking on the new asphalt in the section.

| Video: Tauberová Daniela

According to the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD), the opening date is Monday, November 6.

On Monday, October 30, the reconstruction of part of the road in Albertova, Foerstrova and Pražská streets progressed to the final stage, when the intersection with Hněvotínská and Štítného streets was closed. The company must replace the asphalt layers here as well.

On Saturday morning, there was only a pile of rubble from the bridge near Globus in Olomouc, October 28, 2023

VIDEO: There is a pile of rubble from the bridge near Globus

In contrast, at the opposite end of the repaired section, the new surface of the four-lane road is already covered by horizontal markings.

“Currently, it is still valid that the operation will take place according to the notified date, i.e. November 6,” confirmed the spokesperson of the ŘSD Miroslav Mazal.

“If there has been any change, we will inform motorists,” he added.

Buses will stop in Okružní Street. The construction of new stops, including platforms, an access walkway and a new central dividing island with a place for pedestrians, has already received permission.

There will be new bus stops in Okružní nad Mačkalov

The repair is continuing according to plans, and according to the ŘSD, the project does not even consider that the stretch would eventually open gradually. “The stages follow each other, the construction company is still working on the entire section,” explained Miroslav Mazal.

Specifically, in Foerstrav Street towards Albertova Street, the company was finishing the laying of new layers on Wednesday.

The set should be ready on Sunday, November 5. Subsequently, from November 6 to 10, the exit branch from Albertova Street in the direction of Zenit – towards Brněnská, road I/46 will be closed.

The repair of more than two kilometers of the I/35 road in Pražská, Foerstrova and Albertova streets began on September 24. ŘSD will pay 28.2 million crowns for the reconstruction.


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