Traveling Jagrs from Canada are headed to Hana


National team selections, the Jágr Team or perhaps SKA Petrohrad, raced across the ice here. But the Přerov winter stadium has not yet experienced this. On Friday, the famous group of Canadian hockey fans, the Traveling Jagrs, will arrive in Hanoi! The iconic group in Jaromír Jágr’s wigs and various jerseys will play in Přerov’s exhibition match with a selection of former Přerov Old Boys hockey players.

Traveling Jagrs from Canada at the match between Kladno and Prostějov in 2018

| Photo: Roman Mareš

“The event is organized by the former sports manager of HC Zubr Přerov, Radomír Kužílek, who cooperates with the Canadian Hockey Association. He approached him and he organized the Traveling Jagrs’ stay in the Czech Republic,” Old Boys member Přerov Jindřich Šejba told the Daily News why he is moving to Hana from Kladno, where a well-known group watched the Knights’ match at the weekend.

The match will take place at the Přerov winter park on Friday from 6:30 p.m., it will be played for three times of fifteen minutes of net time with short breaks between individual periods without ice modification.

“It will be a great diversification for us. Every Friday we play two teams against each other, round and round. This will be a new opponent and a completely different type of hockey that we have never met before,” Jindřich Šejba is looking forward to.

“It’s supposed to be guys who played hockey until junior high,” he revealed in the direction of the expected performance of Jagr’s Canadian fans. “It won’t be fans on skates,” pointed out Šejba.

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Fifteen fighters should arrive, first and foremost it will of course be fun.

“I think it will turn out so that instead of ionic drinks, we will distribute beer to both shifts,” laughs Jindřich Šejba.

“We from the Old Boys don’t play to the body, some of us are already old men. We want to make an agreement with the Traveling Jagrs in this way, so that it is an exhibition and not some sharp match,” he added in conclusion.

On Sunday, the Canadian team should head to Kladno for a match against Liberec, then play one more exhibition duel and then head back overseas.

Kladno hosted Prostějov, the Traveling Jagrs from Canada also arrived

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