Will Olomouc get a new hall? The city has indicated that it probably does!


An impassioned debate took place in the bowels of the Olomouc council on Monday, which had a chance to either sanctify the new hockey stand in Olomouc or throw it in the trash. Although a clear result did not come, the Moravian club still has real hope that it will actually see a decent stand.

One group of fans welcomes hockey like in the old days, the other yearns for modern facilities. The fact is that whole families with children don’t flock to the old classic winter sports cars that much. Time cannot be stopped. Like it or not, everyone has to modernize.

At Monday’s meeting of the Olomouc council, the future of the extra-league club was practically at stake. The current winter stadium is in a state of disrepair, without major investments it is practically impossible for it to function for decades to come.

The topic of reconstruction was also one of the possible solutions, but according to the available information, it seems that no one is rushing to this option. The spectacular plan of investor Richard Morávek is on the table, which includes a plan for two billion crowns. The project includes a small hall, but also a large multifunctional arena.

Source: Developer Redstone

The owner of the REDSTONE group would like to build an arena in Olomouc with a capacity for 7,500 spectators. The revitalization of the extensive area is also to include a new urban district.

Request for investment

However, in order to bring his project to the final stage, he applied to the city of Olomouc for an investment contribution of 37 million over a period of thirty years, which makes a total of 1.1 billion crowns. Although Moravka has not yet officially succeeded in obtaining this, a significant step has been taken.

The Olomouc City Council has the task of immediately starting market consultations with those interested in the construction of a new multifunctional arena. This will be realized at their risk, in their ownership and operated by them on Velkomoravská Street, or in another location provided by them for construction,” published a statement by hokej.cz.

Source: Developer Redstone

28 representatives agreed on this, the resolution passed by only five votes. The town hall can still back out of the entire project if someone is found with another offer from the private sector. However, this seems unlikely.

The city council will now verify the details of the implementation. It should determine the next procedure by June 2024, which also includes the announcement of a tender. Formally, there is still a lot of work ahead of everyone, it is impossible to estimate when the project could be created. However, according to hokej.cz, construction will not start before 2025. Maybe even later.

Source: hockey.cz

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