A strong wind will hit the east of the Czech Republic, and the mountains will have the force of a gale


Southeast to south winds will arrive in the Czech Republic during Thursday noon and with gusts of up to 70 km/h may break trees or cause minor damage to buildings.

The ČHMÚ warns of complications in transport and recommends securing loosely stored items outside. It also calls for increased caution when driving vehicles and moving outdoors. In the mountains, he advises to limit hikes and not go especially to ridge areas.

warning There will be a deep depression over the British Isles #Ciaarán, around which the southerly to south-westerly flow will intensify into Central Europe.

During the morning of Thursday (November 2), southeast to southerly winds will begin to strengthen in the eastern half of the territory, the gusts of which… https://t.co/t8f3oE66DB https://t.co/Y3dnBP5oD4

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According to meteorologists, the strengthening of the flow to Central Europe will be the power of a deep depression called Ciarat, which will occur over the British Isles.

The warning with territorial validity for the regions of Královéhradecký, Pardubický, Olomoucký, Zlínský, Moravskoslezský and Vysočina is valid from noon on Thursday for the next 24 hours.

Current radar image of precipitation over the Czech Republic. More at Pocasi.iDNES.cz

Prague in the palm of your hand. Take a bird’s eye view of her:

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