Road officials are asking for a key stamp for the D52 highway, the section near Mikulov is also in play

Road officials are asking for a key stamp for the D52 highway, the section near Mikulov is also in play
Road officials are asking for a key stamp for the D52 highway, the section near Mikulov is also in play

The general director of the state road workers, Radek Mátl, informed about it. “This is documentation in the scope of more than seven hundred pages of text and twelve hundred pages of appendices. It is also translated into German for cross-border assessment. After receiving the opinion, we will incorporate the conditions into the documentation for issuing a joint permit for all three sections,” announced director Mátl.

Only the part from Rajhrad to Pohořelice has been completed since 1996, further towards Mikulov, the route remained only on paper. Road workers need to build sections from Pohořice to Nové Mlýny, through Nové Mlýny and from the reservoirs to the state border with Austria.

According to the director, it is the most difficult of the Brno plant Directorate of Roads and Highways David Fiala part through Novomlýnské reservoirs. Currently, there are two options in the game to bridge them. “One of the possibilities is a bridge overpass, the other is filling the upper reservoir,” named Fiala.

It was precisely against the overpass variant that some opponents spoke out. “The construction of the overpass begins on our property six meters from the main building of the hotel. For us, this is an unimaginable thing,” Lukáš Vašíček told Denik some time ago for the Hotel Termal Mušov. He pointed out that this would end the view of Pálava.

The road workers are waiting for the EIA’s opinion to determine the detailed construction conditions, which they will then incorporate into the documentation. “We will reduce the retention volume of the tank with backfill. What we pour in there, we should replace somewhere,” Fiala is clear.

Compensation for nature due to D52 near Mikulov? The changes are working, valuable plants have appeared

In the materials submitted by the Roads and Highways Directorate to the Ministry of the Environment, there is also a treatment of the issue of animal migration for the embankment variant at the Nové Mlýn crossing. For example, the road workers had detailed biological surveys processed.

“There are underpasses designed for otters. The measures concern bats, amphibians,” outlined Fiala.

They will be first in line subsequently constructions in front of and behind the Nové Mlýny reservoir. “Both are almost the same in terms of preparation. The only difference is that we buy land behind the reservoir towards the state border, but not yet on the construction site further from the border,” the director pointed out.

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The Directorate of Roads and Highways currently estimates the start of construction in 2026. However, the management of the company anticipates complications. “We will sue again for everything that can be sued around the highway. We are sure of that,” said Fiala.

Representatives of the association Děti Země have been fighting against the construction of the highway for a long time. “Although the flyover causes a minor impact on the volume of water in the reservoir and on the territory of the bird area, it will nevertheless create a significant migration obstacle for birds and airplanes, disrupting the landscape character and harmonic scale in the area with a panorama of Pálava and Mikulov with its surroundings, will increase light smog and can also affect the air condition and the noise situation,” the chairman of the association, Miroslav Patrik, mentioned earlier.

The original version of the EIA’s opinion was from 2005, the court challenged it to the road workers. The new version of the documentation responds to the conclusions of the investigative procedure from August last year.

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