et actors as nckov as from Alles Gute. An attempt to co-produce a drama from Terezno did not work Culture

et actors as nckov as from Alles Gute. An attempt to co-produce a drama from Terezno did not work Culture
et actors as nckov as from Alles Gute. An attempt to co-produce a drama from Terezno did not work Culture

That the fates of the people who died for the wolves in Terezno can inspire a strong work of art is not only self-evident, but also practically proven: there is an expressive A long way to go Alfred Radok from 1948, on the contrary, a chilling film Transport dawns Zbyk Brynych’s vision in 1962.

A part of Czech cinematography is a new Italian-Czech co-production project from now on. It was filmed by the Italian Gabriele Guidi, it is enough to say that he was born into an artistic family, he started his career in the financial world and then moved to the stage of theater and music productions.

He then entered the film industry as a product of several well-reviewed titles. With a hundred preparations, Gabriele Guidi embarked on the direction of a full-length film, his fictitious DJ with real elements dedicated to the inhospitable fate of many artists who were imprisoned in Terezín and who, when they found themselves trapped in such a depressing city, managed to realize an inhospitable series of cultural events.

The titular love behind the wall takes place between the Italian Jewish clarinet player Antonio (Mauro Conte) and the Czech Jewish violinist Martina (Dominika Morvkov), who met in Prague while driving under the wolf. Later, they both find themselves in Terezín, where they have been looking for each other for a long time, and they are reunited in the orchestra, which the functioning Nazis hypocritically support because of the propaganda campaign.

e tst lover will not last long, he is pale. What’s more surprising is that their pbh isn’t so much a problem, or rather there is no time for it. The film also employs a number of other characters: for example, Jan Rvai plays the composer Hans Krsa. Brundibr. Nope.

Sdtmi m Love behind the wall in the end, the most common thing is that the children of the 5th generation would apparently make a film similar to Gabriele Guidi et al. (but they should not go to the drama club first).

Terezn: Lskaza zd

Italy, R 2023

Premiere November 2, 2023

I gave him an actor who inKiss behind the wall found applicable is Vladimr Polk, his character of a clumsy cellist is especially easy to bring into the play. However, it is about the alter ego of the director himself, to whom everything falls out of his hands in such a tragicomic way: from an unsuspecting love entanglement to a dog confused by Teresa’s rally, a semi-pathetic server to metal dreams and an incoherent DJ, and to Nazi characters who could just as easily appear in the legendary Teindler series and Vvry Alles Gute.

Thus, the actors were able to apply their words and phrases. Worthy of note is the heroic performance of Karel Dobrho, a member of the SS, whose main character plays the clarinet.

The Slovakian-Italian model and actress Antonia Likov joined the station as soon as possible, who in particular agreed to take on the role of the uptight warden only on the condition that her character would actually be worth saving.

So we get to a truly astonishing situation, when he, excited for his attempt to denounce Martina (as a devoted educator of Teresa’s children), not only mercilessly copies her from the transport, but also puts her directly against the wall and lets her be covered.

The whole event was filmed in an international English version, brought to Czech cinemas with a soundtrack that was played at the same time as the entire film, resulting in the unmistakable atmosphere of the TV series broadcast at three o’clock in the afternoon.

We don’t know if there is a parallel universe where it is Love behind the wall after a little more thought, I fell here for a dialogue on the dark meaning of artistic endeavor in a hopeless situation.

For the overall impression of this attempt at a film, naivety is an understatement and especially a mild one.

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