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In the match against Olomouc, Tom Havln entered the list of goalscorers when he sent Energia to a one-goal lead with a lucky shot. Karlovart, however, could not make it to the end of the tie and only take a point from a very tense duel. Obrnec Havln also showed sharp elbows when the captain of Jiho ernoch went to defend himself and threw himself into a fight with Jan vrek.

Tom, the rescue was a bit wild. In the second half, you lost a two-goal lead, and in the end you got stuck and went into separate runs…At 3:1 we had the match in our hands. It is repeated in several saves that with the remaining fouls we get to the t or the t.

Do you think gl decided at 3:3?I don’t think it’s fair to say which of the girls made the mental decision. We got a weakened team, and that cost us our life. It is not debatable which goal had the most influence.

Didn’t you think a few days ago that Olomouc has exhausted its world and it’s up to you?We wanted an extension, otherwise we wouldn’t even be able to go there, it wouldn’t be worth it. It plays on you and there is a lot of space. We had a lot to do, because some tyka also rang and we caught something in the empty gate. It didn’t work out for us in the entrances, they are about 10 and we had a lot of him.

There were personal reflections and beautiful actions between the goals. Even your goal fell after bouncing off a soupee skateOn the contrary, I think that the days are not a coincidence. It’s always a matter of some kind of interplay. To hit hockey and fall rebounds. Sometimes it falls there and sometimes it doesn’t. Soupe was dangerous in Pesilo’s hurch and we should not have gotten into such a situation at all, which decided.

How did the skirmish with Jan Vrk come about?That was completely obvious. ee was with his head at the guard and he was drinking and hit him head-first with a stick, so I immediately went to defend him.

Emotions gradually increased during the rescue. Does it also mean that Olomouc and Olomouc have not been expelled from the first round of the play-offs?I don’t think. Historically, Olomouc is an unpleasant competition. They are physical at the time, play aggressively. Even today it was seen that even our pesili’s horses were active. Skirmishes and a personal fight around the spring from the crowd. This is the rule in matches against Olomouc.

You couldn’t even help yourself with the pesili games, which are relatively rare in the summer season. What was giving me trouble?Olomouc’s activity was certainly not pleasant, but that’s a question for the boys who were very active. We couldn’t deal with it. We have to work on it in order to be able to deal with it and help the pesil game. There were quite a few of them and Supe was able to take them out, born from us.

You played a lot of weak games in which you conceded those goals. Did Olomouc play that time?Tko hon. We will have to play these situations on video. There were some reflections, but it is related to the values ​​immediately after the rescue. Let’s play the video and see if we could have done anything better to avoid this. I think that until now we have had a weak sun, but today it didn’t shine. I don’t know if I should choose something specific, but the soup has a lot of stars and something stuck in the wall.

From a game in which you led 3:1, you end up taking only a point. What positive do you take?Determined to be very brave, because she decorated us in the last few saves. We have a lot of blocked shots, and that is a positive thing that we will want to continue in the next matches. So I think we were better on the puck, compared to the match with Komet, when we were very poor. We have to push away from hard work and honest work, that is, be more active and always.

Rescues are coming in quick succession. On Friday, you have the Western derby to Pilsen. What kind of head will you go there with?We have to be positive and put this past behind us. Let’s focus on what was in the pesilovka and how to help ourselves and what to fix in the weakened and pesilov’s piles. We must have a positive and self-confident approach to the last two matches, which we expect before the national team. We need to score and I know we can do it in both matches.

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