Because of the cruel owners, Moody lost an eye. The number of mutilated cats in the region is increasing


Monika Šavlova

Tachovský deník reporter

“If you don’t want to take care of us, don’t get us. If you have a cat or a tomcat with the possibility of free movement outside the house, castrate them, so that a lot of unwanted kittens don’t have to die in severe pain,” the little tabby cat Moody would say to all irresponsible people if she could speak.

Thanks to the owners’ lack of interest in their cats, little Moody was born. She suffered for a long time before reaching the shelter, where she is recovering from an operation in which the vet had to remove her eye to save her life. Photo: Lenka Dombrovská

| Photo: Deník/Monika Šavlová

She is barely a month old and has already experienced a lot of pain and suffering. The vet had to operate on her eye. The procedure is very unpleasant and, especially given her age and weight, also very risky. However, the operation was successful and saved the kitten’s life. Moody is now being treated in Tachovské U Šmudlina shelter and she hopes that even if she never sets eyes on her master again, there will still be someone who will marry her and give her a home, care and love. For now, she only recognized her when the shelter workers took care of her.

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“People called us by phone and reported that a little tabby kitten has been moving around in one street for a long time, or rather just by force of will,” shelter worker Lenka Dombrovská told Deník. After they caught the tiny cat, they found out that she had herpes in her eyes, the eyes were pussified, the sight of the kitten was more for the stronger. The vet issued an inexorable verdict that the right eye must be removed, otherwise there would be a risk of brain inflammation. Fortunately, antibiotic treatment was enough for the tiny kitten’s left eye. When Moody, as the shelter workers have named her, has her wound completely healed, the kitten will undergo vaccinations around the ninth week of her life, and then she will ready for adoption. “We will be very happy if there is someone who doesn’t mind that only one little eye is closed while being cuddled. Despite the suffering she has gone through so far, she is still playful and cuddly and comes up with classic cat mischief,” Lenka Dombrovská describes the little furry ball. However, an interested party who decides to give a cat a home must take into account that castration is a condition of adoption.

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Shelter workers have already had several bad experiences with the location where the kitten was found. This was certainly not the first case, in the summer months they dealt with the cases of seven kittens, including one adult, severely emaciated cat. Unfortunately, two kittens did not survive. “Cats multiply there uncontrollably, and the owners do not care about them, they do not take care of their offspring. Unfortunately, this affects the health of the animals. They suffer and often die in great pain. Their eyes are full of pus and worms,” ​​Dombrovská recounts her sad experiences. At the same time, she appeals to all owners that if they are unable to take care of the animal, it is best not to adopt it at all. In the case of cats living freely in gardens or around the house, to at least ensure castration.


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