The court found Feri guilty of three counts of rape. The judge reads the verdict

The court found Feri guilty of three counts of rape. The judge reads the verdict
The court found Feri guilty of three counts of rape. The judge reads the verdict

The defendant offered one of the victims, a seventeen-year-old girl at the time, a drink, after which she fell into a state of unconsciousness and paralysis, which the defendant took advantage of. After she was on the bed, he reached her genitals, inserted his fingers into her vagina, and had oral sex with her. The proceedings had an impact on her psychological state and affected her life, said judge Lenka Hájková.

He was also found guilty of the third act, when he allegedly assaulted an intern in the Chamber of Deputies. “He started scolding the victim, pushing her, trying to kiss her. She was dismissive of his actions, she tried to refuse, to say that they couldn’t. However, the defendant ignored the objection and despite it, he continued to touch her and continued to push her until he pushed her to the kitchen counter, where she no longer had room to step away,” the judge read. “He committed an act aimed at forcing another person to have sexual intercourse, but it was not completed,” she added. He therefore committed the serious crime of attempted rape.

Court staff started the day by drawing lots for those who would be allowed to record the verdict on camera. The rest will only be able to make a voice recording. Feri arrived before nine and refused to speak to the media. When asked if he maintained his innocence, he said of course.

The trial began in February this year, continued in April and then in October. Closing arguments took place on Tuesday.

The indictment accuses Feri of three acts, which it says took place between 2015 and 2020. The first count concerns a girl who, according to the testimony, was paralyzed and unable to defend herself. Feri then allegedly forced her to have intercourse. In February, Feri wanted to prove his innocence, among other things, by reading conversations and printed photos.

According to the indictment, the second of the girls was supposed to throw something into the drink and then perform oral sex on her. It was a minor seventeen-year-old girl. The third point is the attempted rape of a new intern in the Chamber of Deputies in 2018.

Feri after the publication of the article by the Deník N server and the A2larm portal. resigned from his parliamentary mandate and canceled his participation in the parliamentary elections, in which he was supposed to run for the coalition TOGETHER from the fourth place of the Prague candidate. TOP 09 also called on him to suspend his membership until the case is investigated.

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