The Prague Klementinum recorded the second record warm month in a row in October


The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) reported this on its website on Wednesday.

This year’s tenth month surpassed the warmest October of 1795 by three tenths of a degree. In this century, October was very warm, for example, in 2001, which, according to meteorologists, ranked third out of 249 Octobers with an average temperature of 13.7 degrees.

The warmest Clementine day this October was Friday 13 October, when the average temperature reached 19.8°C

The coldest was 118 years ago

On the contrary, the coldest so far was in October 118 years ago, when they measured an average monthly temperature of 5.6 degrees in Klementin.

“Of the Octobers we can remember, October 2003 was quite cold with an average temperature of 7.9 degrees Celsius. It ranked 29th to 31st coldest overall,” meteorologists said.

The warmest Clementine day this October was Friday, October 13, when the average temperature reached 19.8 degrees. Four days later it was the lowest, with an average of 7.3 degrees.

September was the warmest in the history of measurements in Prague’s Klementin

The previous records for the highest and lowest average daily temperature in October were thus not broken.

So far, the mercury in the thermometer reached the highest in the monitored month since the beginning of measurements in Klementin on October 3, 1929, at 21.9 degrees. On the contrary, it fell lowest on October 30, 1776, when the average was minus 3.1 degrees.

In 15 Octobers out of 249 since 1775, i.e. in six percent, the average daily temperature was below zero, the CHMÚ reported.

Klementinum, where the weather has been monitored continuously since 1775, stands in the historic center of Prague.

The measurements at this station are influenced by a number of factors, such as the location of the measuring devices in the area or the location in the center of the city, but according to meteorologists, it represents a unique and extremely valuable source of information about the state of weather and climate in modern history for modern science.

In the Czech Republic, 30 temperature records were set, it was even over 24 degrees

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