Olomouc ice hockey players scored their first away win in Karlovy Vary

Olomouc ice hockey players scored their first away win in Karlovy Vary
Olomouc ice hockey players scored their first away win in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary – Olomouc ice hockey players beat Karlovy Vary 5:4 in the final match of the 16th round of the extra league after separate raids and scored their first win at the opponent’s rinks in the season. The game was decided in the eighth series of raids by Rok Macuh, the Hanáci scored three times in numerical advantages. Energy moved to seventh place despite the loss, Olomouc improved to ninth position in the table.

The home team had a successful start to the game and in the 3rd minute Zetterberg put them in the lead, who took advantage of a misunderstanding by the Olomouc defenders, drove the puck from behind the goal and surprised Konrád. However, the guests were able to equalize thanks to the premier extra league goal of the defender Sirota. The West Bohemians were more active with shots in the first period and took the lead again in the 18th minute when one of the players from Olomouc knocked Havlín’s shot into the goal.

In the 22nd minute, Energie Gríger increased the lead, but the Hanáci managed to get back into the game, mainly thanks to the opponent’s indiscipline. First, in the power play, Káňa reduced five to three, and Řezníček equalized in the continuing classic advantage.

And it could have been even worse for the home team, but during Havlín’s next penalty, Beránek broke through and celebrated the jubilee 300th match in the top competition with a goal. However, Macuh equalized in the continuing power play and thus ended the goal shootout. More than four thousand spectators in the KV arena did not see another goal from the game. In overtime, the visitors could have decided twice, but Ondrušek and Sirota only hit the post.

Sedláček replaced Konrád in the Olomouc goal on raids and helped the visitors to their first win at the opponents’ ice rinks. Not one of the eight home players beat it, while Macuh shot past Frodl.

Coaches’ votes after the game:

Vojtěch Šik (Carlsbad): “The match was balanced, but we conceded three goals in a weak position and we didn’t even help ourselves with the power play. That was a stumbling block. We also get knocked down a lot by unforced fouls and in this match it was striking. We lead 3:1, we control the game and we make a foul, then the second of the things where we tell ourselves not to pull the discs back. The opponent punished the power play and unfortunately we only take one point.”

Jan Tomajko (Olomouc): “We won for the first time in an away match, so we are happy for that. I think we played well today, we had good movement, even though the road to Karlovy Vary is long and we traveled today. Even though we conceded quite early, the beginning was pretty good. Then we conceded at the beginning of the second period when we got away a little bit. But today we helped ourselves on the power plays and finally started to convert them. It was also important that we managed to overcome the breakdown. In overtime we hit the sticks, luck didn’t lean towards us, so at least it leant towards us in raids.”

HC Energie Karlovy Vary – HC Olomouc 4:5 Mon. raids (2:1, 2:3, 0:0 – 0:0)

Goals and assists: 3. Zetterberg, 18. Havlín (Plutnar, Kangasniemi), 22. Gríger (Rachůnek, Kangasniemi), 30. O. Beránek – 13. Sirota (Orsava, J. Káňa), 26. J. Káňa (Ondrušek , Navrátil), 27. Řezníček (Plášek, Navrátil), 30. Macuh (Kusko, Řezníček), decisive Macuh raid. Referee: Pražák, Šindel – Lhotský, Ondráček. Exclusion: 7:6, in addition Havlín – Švrček both 5 min. Usage: 0:3. In weakening: 1:0. Viewers: 4268.

Carlsbad: Frodl – Huttula, Plutnar, Stříteský, Mikyska, Dlapa, Havlín, Benda – O. Beránek, Černoch, Kangasniemi – Hladonik, Gríger, Rachůnek – O. Procházka, Jiskra, Redlich – Zetterberg, Koffer, Kofroň. Coach: Bruk.

Olomouc: Konrád (for Sedláček raids) – Rašner, Ondrušek, Řezníček, Sirota, Rutar, Švrček, Mareš – Orsava, Nahodil, J. Káňa – Bambula, J. Knotek, Kunc – Navrátil, Anděl, Plášek – Kucsera, Macuh, Kusko. Coach: Tomajko.


1. Pardubice 16 11 1 3 1 61:37 38
2. Litvinov 16 11 2 0 3 62:42 37
3. Sparta Prague 16 8 3 0 5 51:36 30
4. Třinec 15 6 3 3 3 45:38 27
5. Brno 16 7 1 1 7 44:43 24
6. Liberec 17 6 2 2 7 52:54 24
7. Carlsbad 16 6 2 1 7 42:39 23
8. Czech Budejovice 16 5 2 4 5 37:43 23
9. Olomouc 16 5 1 3 7 36:45 20
10. Hradec Králové 15 4 2 3 6 38:38 19
11. Pilsen 15 5 1 1 8 34:41 18
12. Positively 14 3 3 2 6 34:47 17
13. Vítkovice 15 4 1 2 8 38:49 16
14. Mlada Boleslav 15 3 1 0 11 10:54 p.m 11

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