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11/2/2023 11:15 AM

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ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE – The South Bohemian Hope Foundation has been supporting gifted children and families in a difficult social situation for fifteen years. On Wednesday, November 1, its founders, Martin Kuba and Petr Maroš, handed over contributions to applicants for scholarships for this year. They divided the sum of 410,000 crowns between them.

The fund receives financial resources, among other things, from the Run of South Bohemian Hopes, which took place on September 23 on Sokolské ostrov and in Stromovka Park. For every kilometer run, Běha’s general partner, OIG Power, will send fifty kroner to the fund. This year, the amount rose to 300,000 crowns. Another 110,000 crowns were brought in by the auction of the Handbag Fair.

The collected money goes to children’s homes, sports clubs, but also to families who have talented children and are not ready to financially tighten the costs associated with trips to internships, competitions and races. “We founded the fund with this vision in mind. I myself grew up with only my mother and I know how complicated it was for us to make sure that we had enough for all the activities. We want every talented South Bohemian to be able to develop their talents. So that when you grow up and lead the region, that skilled and talented people live in it and that the South Bohemian Region is still the most beautiful region in the republic and remains so,” said Martin Kuba at the beginning. “When you are already distributing such money, you know that in you will really help the city. The money will help where it really needs to be helped,” added Petr Maroš, why they do all this.

The first to receive the check were representatives of the Budejovice Rugby Club, whose partnership with the foundation has been going on for some time, followed by gymnasts from SK MG Máj. It will partially help gymnasts to finance trips to foreign competitions. The contribution was also received by the successful Fight Club of combat sports, TJ Motor Ski Club with Ondra Soukal. “In his application for a contribution, it was stated that he has the ability to turn off his head at the top of the hill and is willing to kill himself, that’s why he wins, that really amused us,” added Martin Kuba.

Further support was directed to children from children’s homes. Ondra Pospíšil, Veronika Špirochová and Aneta Bárová as well as Linda Procházková from the dance studio United Movement in Veselí nad Lužnicí received a grant for a driver’s license. Adam Vyskočil from Písek, who rides motorcycles, also enjoys long-term help. He has also had a few crashes, the last time he put it down at a speed of one hundred and seventy kilometers. “So we’re hoping to give him another check,” Kuba joked.
Amélie Li Klaudy studies at two schools, plays golf very well, is included in the Austrian team and deserves the support of the foundation.

Martin Picek studies medical technology at Charles University and received a grant for an internship abroad at an institute in Switzerland. Skifařka Eliška Němcová also received funding. The name of snowboarder and currently also dancer Eva Adamczyková was mentioned, which the foundation also supports, as well as dancer Jasmina Jelínková. Support was received by golfer Ondra Doležal, who ranks at the top of tournaments, Taekwon-Do Fight Cub and talented Mensa members Jan Novorka and Matěj Kmínek.

Next year, gifted children who have permanent residence in the territory of the South Bohemian Region and the social situation of the family can apply for a contribution from the South Bohemian Hope foundation fund.

Author: Michaela Neumannová

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