A woman caused outrage at a pro-Palestinian demonstration with her trick. The police are handling the case


In connection with the demonstrations that took place in the center of Prague on Wednesday, November 1, the Prague police are investigating the case of a woman who was wearing a T-shirt referring to the Olympics in 1972. During that time, several Israeli athletes were kidnapped and murdered by the Palestinian Black September organization.

Public gathering in support of Israel or Palestine in Prague.

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The police themselves informed about the case. “Criminal officers from the extremism and terrorism department of the Prague police have been dealing with the case of a woman who was at a rally in the center of Prague since yesterday evening. She was wearing a T-shirt with an inscription that caught their attention and they are now investigating the situation,” they said on the X social network.

The Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan (STAN), also commented on the situation, condemning the woman’s outfit, saying that it “represents cynicism, stupidity and contempt for the basic values ​​of our society,” he said.

A rally in support of Israel took place in Old Town Square, where people gathered to express solidarity with the country. Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) also spoke at the event. “Israel desperately needs friends,” he said.

From a public meeting in support of Israel or Palestine in Prague.

Look: Demonstrations in support of Israel and Palestine took place in Prague

A procession in support of Palestine passed through the city and reached the Old Town Square, where the two groups met. Both events were supervised by policemen and heavy-duty soldiers, but there were no major conflicts from either side.

1972 Munich Summer Olympics:
The tragic event is nicknamed the Munich or Olympic massacre. During the Munich Olympics, 11 Israeli athletes were kidnapped and then murdered. The attack on September 5, 1972 is the responsibility of the Palestinian group Black September, which broke into the Olympic village.


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