Olomouc: A car hit a little boy, the father thanked the rescuers

Olomouc: A car hit a little boy, the father thanked the rescuers
Olomouc: A car hit a little boy, the father thanked the rescuers

The terrible event took place on Wednesday, August 2 in Olomouc. A child was hit by a vehicle near the base of health workers in Hněvotínská Street. The boy was unconscious, had to be connected to pulmonary ventilation and taken to a hospital in Ostrava. Fortunately, everything turned out well and the boy will not suffer any consequences. They came with their father to thank the rescuers.

The boy was hit by a car in Olomouc in August, and after the impact the child flew a few meters away and fell unconscious. The accident was witnessed by an ambulance worker who was not on duty at the time. He immediately went to help the child. An ambulance was on the scene a short time later.

“After adequate first aid, when our crews arrive, he starts to feel restless and cries. His vital functions are not at all satisfactory, the condition worsens – convulsions of the whole body occur.” spokeswoman Lucie Mikisková described on the social network of the Health and Rescue Services of the Olomouc Region.

Paramedics gave the boy sedatives and connected him to pulmonary ventilation. He was then airlifted to a hospital in Ostrava.

“And today? He also came to visit with his dad – completely without consequences!! We had tears in our eyes.” added the spokeswoman. “Because what’s more important than saving a life, and a child’s at that?” she concluded the story with a happy ending.

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