A strong wind will rise in Wallachia. The weekend will be rainy


Meteorologists warn of seventy-kilometer wind gusts. Strong winds will rage in the Zlín region this afternoon. Then also on Friday during the morning. After that it should fade.

Illustrative photo. A strong wind blew through the Zlín region on Friday, October 20

| Photo: HZS Zlín region

A warning for strong southeast to southerly winds is officially in effect from 12 noon on Thursday until midday on Friday.

Gusts of wind, which due to the predicted strength can break tree branches and cause minor damage to buildings, will also be in effect at night.

Caution is in order

“It is recommended to secure windows, doors, remove or secure loose objects, secure greenhouses and the like. It is necessary to take extra care when moving outside and when driving vehicles,” reports the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, stating that it is advisable to limit mountain hikes and not go out especially to the ridge parts of the mountains.

A strong wind blew through the Zlín region on Friday. He broke trees, complicated traffic

In the Zlín Region today it is expected to be cloudy to partly cloudy, partly cloudy. It will rain somewhere in the evening. While maximum temperatures are still expected to rise to 17 °C, the highest daily temperatures are expected to be around 14 °C on Friday. It will cool down.

Temperatures around 10°C and rain are expected over the weekend.

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