OPENDAYS of the “Digital Technical Map of the South Bohemian Region” project

OPENDAYS of the “Digital Technical Map of the South Bohemian Region” project
OPENDAYS of the “Digital Technical Map of the South Bohemian Region” project

The Regional Office of the South Bohemian Region, the Department of Regional Development, Spatial Planning and Building Regulations, the Department of Digital Technical Maps and Spatial Analytical Documents and the Department of Informatics organized OPENDAYS to celebrate the end of the implementation phase of the project “Digital Technical Map of the South Bohemian Region” (CZ.01.4.03/0.0/ 0.0/19_259/0024756).

The implementation of the project was supported by the Operational Program Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness 2014-2020 (“Challenge III of the High-speed Internet Support Program – Activities: Creation and Development of Digital Technical Maps of Regions (DTM)”).

The event took place under the auspices of the Deputy Governor of the South Bohemian Region, Doc. Ing. Lucie Kozlové, Ph.D. and with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and other guests on November 1, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. in the circular hall of the regional council (main building of the Regional Office of the South Bohemian Region) in the form of an all-day seminar at which the results of the project were presented and its further development. A thematic competition for interesting prizes was part of the program.

The project of digital technical maps is the next step towards the digitization of the office, and I am glad that its first part was successfully completed,” stated the Deputy Governor for IT Lucie Kozlová during the seminar, according to which the main effort of the South Bohemian Region is to set up all processes so that citizens can handle all their affairs conveniently via PC directly from home and do not have to spend time in the office. According to her, digital maps will certainly be appreciated, for example, by people who are going to build. From the maps, they will find out which transport and technical infrastructure networks are located on their construction site, who owns them and their exact location. “In addition, the maps offer data in geodetic accuracy, so builders can prepare all the documents needed for the preparation of project documentation and other documents necessary for building permits from the comfort of their homes“, added the deputy.

From November 2 to 15, 2023, a presentation of information panels on the process of creating the “Digital Technical Maps of the South Bohemian Region” is publicly accessible in the vestibule of the main building of the regional office.

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