Last year, they announced the complete coverage of the metro with a 5G signal, that’s right

Last year, they announced the complete coverage of the metro with a 5G signal, that’s right
Last year, they announced the complete coverage of the metro with a 5G signal, that’s right

While the Cetin company informed it last April about the coverage of the last 100 meters, i.e. the section between the Dejvick and Nemocnice Motol stations on route A, it effectively managed to completely cover the underground crack, and on Thursday, November 2, the Jiho z Podbrad station was repaired. Transport company hl. City of Prague (DPP) closed it in January due to its complete reconstruction and the related construction.

The operator consortium (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone) and the Cetin company promised that the LTE and 5G signal will reach this station only after the completion of the construction work. Cables were replaced at the station, new technology was installed and the distribution network was connected with binding cables in the tunnel section. At the same time, he was also inclined to read antennas on the building blocks.

Currently, high-speed internet covers the entire metro, i.e. all 61 stations. It is the first underground train in Europe covered by a 5G signal. Operators invested in items worth no more than a billion crowns. The operator did not perform any work on the last station.

Together with other operators, we continue to cooperate with DPP, where we have incorporated technology and antenna systems into the project documentation for the construction of the new section of the D metro. The construction of the coverage of the new sections will take place simultaneously with the construction of the stations, said the editor of technology and IT company T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom Vladan Pekovi.

According to Jana Benko, the head of the planning department at Vodafone, you had to fulfill a number of technical requirements, both during the design phase and during construction. In the future, we will apply the experience gained, for example, to the new subway route D, but also to other projects that not only improve everyday life, he added.

Today marks the closing of one of the most important joint investment projects of the largest Czech mobile operators. Thanks to me, Praan has to cover all metro stations with the fastest mobile internet, which allows them to be online, listen to music or watch their favorite shows during the entire journey to work, bike and leisure, added Tom Prokopk, who is responsible for strategic planning at O2 Czech Republic St.

Thanks to the high speed and capacity of the connection, the comfort of travel for Prague and for foreign travelers is again increased, added the development and gossip editor of the company Cetin Josef Slovk.

The contract with the opertor consortium for 20 years was approved by the supervisory board of DPP in 2018, when in the first ten years opertor paid DPP 120 million crowns (for what see Voln and data in the burst meter? A little this year, complete in three years). According to the operator’s December information, the cost of covering the metro was more than half a billion crowns. The newly completed D line should be covered by a signal at pi buildings.

The first station and the tunnels were covered with a 5G signal by the end of January 2020, when Vodafone deployed Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology, enabling the dynamic sharing of frequencies between 4G and 5G (for more see You can’t use this device in the subway. I don’t have internet). T-Mobile also informed about 5G metro coverage, O2 started installing the necessary technology in December 2020 (see also O2 will cover the metro with a 5G signal. It will be in dozens of stations by the end of the year).

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