Sthan nmstek primtor will lead the marketing of Sparta, the police about the crime of Mr

Sthan nmstek primtor will lead the marketing of Sparta, the police about the crime of Mr
Sthan nmstek primtor will lead the marketing of Sparta, the police about the crime of Mr

David Dinda plans to resign from the post of deputy on November 20 at a council meeting. He first informed the public about his departure from politics due to police charges on social media in z.

He should have committed the crime seven years ago in connection with the municipal council’s vote to support the hockey club Pirti Chomutov, for whom he worked at the time.

In a Facebook post, Dinda rejected the accusation and called it a false police construction. He wants to explain his point of view first at the upcoming council meeting.

The police did not say what exactly Dinda was supposed to do, how his action was qualified. “Due to the ongoing investigation and the information obtained so far, from a tactical point of view, we will not make further announcements so that the criminal record is not endangered or reduced,” said police spokesman Kamil Marek.

Sparta’s offer will not be refused, Dinda said to his new character. I really didn’t expect that I would go to the hockey environment and I thought that I would take a year off from it. When I announced that I was leaving politics, various job offers began to multiply. Then Sparta called, which is the biggest and best club in our country. Only one club could motivate me to return to the hockey environment, commented Dinda.

The successor is still unknown

He sees Sparansk angam as a certain satisfaction for what is happening around him now. In the situation I’m in, it gave me great joy that I don’t belong to old iron in the field and that even after so many years, someone remembers my work that I did in the sports segment, he added.

While Dinda is clear about his next work steps, no decision has been made on his successor as First Deputy Mayor. This is how we act with the coalition partner, said Dindv’s political colleague and second deputy mayor Milan Mrc from Novho Sever. It is grouped in a coalition with the ANO movement, which won the municipal elections in Chomutov in 2022.

In the past, Dinda was associated with the hockey club Pirti Chomutov, where he first took care of marketing. He worked at Pirt for three seasons, for a while also in the role of executive editor of the club.

He was elected to the municipal council in 2014. The New North movement fell in love with the opposition. In December 2016, after the fall of that coalition, he came to the leadership of the city, when he was elected as the avenger. It was then that he broke off working relations with Pirty Veker.

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