The roundabout near Sebranice on I/43 is finished. There is no direct passage to Brno, drivers say


After three months of work, she failed. The roundabout on the I/43 road near Sebranice na Blanensko is ready and passable without restrictions. In recent days, workers have removed the connecting temporary road from the neighboring road II/150. During Thursday afternoon, the traffic lights that had been controlling traffic for several weeks in a pendulum manner on the main road Brno – Svitavy near the construction site also disappeared.

The roundabout on the I/43 road near Sebranice na Blanensko is ready and passable without restrictions.

| Photo: Directorate of Roads and Highways

According to representatives of the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD), the goal of this construction for more than thirty-three million crowns was to increase the safety of drivers in the area of ​​frequent accidents. Over fifteen thousand cars pass through the place every day. “Due to the high traffic intensity, the original junction of roads I/43 and II/150 near Sebranice did not ensure smooth and safe passage,” said Lucie Trubelíková, spokeswoman for the state road authorities.

A roundabout will be created near Sebranice. The road around Svitava will get a new surface

New roundabout it measures forty meters in diameter and has three beams. The fourth northern beam will be completed by road workers only during the construction of the Sebranice bypass on the I/19 road with the connection of the I/43 road and the crossing of the II/150 road. “Part of the construction was also the construction of new public lighting in the area of ​​the intersection and its completion on the I/43 road towards Sebranice, which is already functional,” said David Fiala, director of Závod Brno ŘSD.

Higher security

Greater safety for motorists from new buildings Jaromíra Vítková, the senator for the Blanen district, also promises. He has been involved for a long time in the preparation of the construction of the I/73 road, which is intended not only to relieve the congested I/43 in Blanensko. “The new roundabout near Sebranice will contribute to reducing the number of accidents in the place that was the scene of frequent traffic accidents, unfortunately also with fatal consequences. The intensity of traffic is still increasing and many drivers in the direction of Brno-Svitava did not consider reducing their speed, and the exit from Boskovice was therefore very risky. In addition, the intersection will be part of the intersection of I/43 with the new I/73,” noted Vítková.

Source: Diary/Jan Charvát

Criticism of drivers

A number of motorists, however, road users for the technical design roundel near Sebranice she showered sharp criticism. It bothers them that drivers cannot drive directly in the direction from Svitavy to Brno and have to go through the roundabout just mentioned. “ŘSD spent money to have the bypass in the form of the original road removed and built. I do not understand that. Now the trucks, which are already being followed by a convoy of cars from Letovice, will have to almost stop on the descent under the hill near Sebranice when approaching the roundabout. Then start again from zero to the next hill. It will be congested there and the flow of traffic will be zero. And I’m not even talking about how the atmosphere will be affected,” said one of the drivers, Vladimír Bílý, for example.

The Directorate of Roads and Motorways objects by saying that an opaque embankment with trees and bushes planted for safety reasons was built at the Svitavy – Brno lane. “The purpose of the ramp is to alert drivers to a change in the mode of transport. The roundabout is moved from the I/43 axis for traffic safety reasons. The goal is to increase safety at the intersection of I/43 and II/150 until the I/73 road is put into operation,” explained Lucie Trubelíková, spokeswoman for the ŘSD.

New roundabout near Sebranice it will be used even after the completion of the construction of the first class road I/73 Bořitov – Svitavka. Road II/150 connects Boskovice to route I/43. The international road E 461 runs along the road I/43, which continues south of Brno along the road I/52 or highway D52 in the direction of Austria to Vienna. Road I/43 starts in Brno, Králové Pola on road I/42 and ends at the Dolní Lipka border crossing with Poland.

Looking forward, in order to ensure supra-regional traffic, road I/43 should be replaced by the planned road I/73 along the route D1 – Kuřim – Svitávka – Velké Opatovice – Jevíčko – D35. The I/43 road should then serve mainly regional traffic, or to ensure local transport services.

Four lane on I/73

According to the current information of the road authorities, the implementation of the section D1 – Bořitov is planned for 2030 to 2034, the section Bořitov – Svitavka for 2026 to 2029 and Svitavka – Staré Město for 2028 to 2032. continue as a four lane, as does all of I/73. A request was submitted to the Regional Office of the South Moravian Region to initiate zoning proceedings, the result of which should be a zoning decision for the construction of Bořitov – Svitavka,” said senator Jaromíra Vítková recently.

VIDEO: New threat of fines near Lipůvka, drivers on I/43 will be tamed by radar

The Directorate of Roads and Highways is also working on the elimination of point defects on road I/43 in the South Moravian region. He is preparing a level crossing in Podlesí, the eastern part of Kuřimi and in Lipůvka. He is also planning an uphill lane in the village of Závist and a turning lane in Svitavky. He also wants to modify sections in the quarry site in Černá Hora. He is planning further interventions in the sections Perná – Krhov, Krhov – Voděrady and Letovice – Rozhraní.

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Source: Diary/Jan Charvát

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