Rum-flavored kofola hit the spot. It depends on the parents if they buy it for their children

Rum-flavored kofola hit the spot. It depends on the parents if they buy it for their children
Rum-flavored kofola hit the spot. It depends on the parents if they buy it for their children

According to spokeswoman Jana Ptačinská Jirátová, in the past Kofola offered, for example, cinnamon, chocolate or nut flavors, but also a variant called Linecké cukroví. “We chose this year’s flavors because they are some of the most typical and popular for Christmas. The choice fell on Kofola Vanilla roll and Kofola with the aroma of rum, which is an integral part of, for example, Christmas gingerbread,” says the press spokesperson.

However, the company received criticism for the rum flavor even before the new product was officially launched on the market. According to findings of Hospodářské noviny, this edition can induce a later habit of alcohol. According to Peter Freimann, who is behind the Nechmel děti initiative and points out the consumption of non-alcoholic beer drinks by children, the problem is not only in the chosen flavor.

“In principle, neither soft beer nor kofola are drinks intended for children. Each parent must therefore consider for themselves how much they will support the consumption of these drinks in their offspring. In this case, I would personally avoid it, it’s risky,” says Freimann.

“However, this does not only apply to flavors. Kofola itself contains a high amount of sugar. However, there are other products on the market that are not suitable for children or teenagers. These include energy drinks and nicotine products,” adds Freimann to the issue of addictive products.

When asked by, Kofola argued that there are more controversial and addictive products on the market than her limited edition with the aroma of rum. “Both of our drinks are only available in the run-up to Christmas and in limited quantities. They bring variety to customers that will make traditional Christmas special, fragrant and pleasant.

We agree that alcohol should not be in the hands of children and we believe that each parent will decide for themselves how much they will enjoy this limited edition with their children or whether they will remain loyal to Kofole Original,” Ptačinská Jiratová defends the decision.

It started with cinnamon

The history of limited Christmas editions of Kofola began to be written in 2007. The very first was Kofola Skořicová, and cinnamon was regularly repeated at Christmas in subsequent years. Sometimes alone, sometimes in combination with plums, pears or apples. Kofola also tried flavors such as Linnaeus sweets and vanilla rolls, honey, chocolate or marzipan.

“When creating them, we try to come up with something a little unexpected and surprising to make Christmas at Kofola a little more special,” explains Lenka Tenglerová, marketing manager of the Kofola brand.

Limited editions in a Christmas cover are available on store shelves from November. They are sold in two-liter bottles: rum throughout the market, vanilla roll only in Albert stores. Two-liter limited edition Kofola rum is now sold in stores and e-shops for 38.90 crowns.

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