First interview with Cimick: To judge him, it could be wrong for me. He lost 20 kilos


More than 50 women have accused Cimick of sexual misconduct, including Czech TV host Martina Hynkov. Ninety-nine assaults, that is, rape and fifty-five assaults, were brought to court.

Just two weeks ago, an ambulance took a young psychiatrist to the ARO unit of Steovick Hospital after he was admitted to hospital. Cimick is currently at home. asked both about his hospitalization and whether he was sentenced to receive a sentence in the ppad.

According to our information, you were first shaken from the check-up at the pharmacy. What condition do you find yourself in?

Of course, the hunter will not have a time when what happened to me will happen to him. It mainly manifests itself in the fact that I have a very low blood pressure level, so I get confused, I have to be very careful, especially when I’m in a position, so that it doesn’t happen to me. nava and hot hot, that’s probably too much for me. That hunter ct under.

Could you describe what exactly happened? There was speculation about a suicide attempt.

It was not a suicide attempt. I have been under constant stress for two years, the hunter is tired and exhausted from it. patn spm, so my goal was to take out the weekend so that I could sleep through it. But I underestimated the fact that my organism is very exhausted, so it will react more sharply to some things. Abbreviation otherwise, not lovk oekv. I took the sticks, but the goal they were supposed to fulfill was completely obscured by the intoxication that required hospitalization and life support.

Jan Cimick gave the first interview after the forecourt.

He is in court for five weeks. Will you stand up for him?

Considering how exhausted I am and how quickly I lost weight after the hospital stay, my body is very weak this season. I won’t avoid the trial, but the idea of ​​being under such intense stress again, I realize, could even be life-threatening for me.

How much weight have you lost?

About twenty kilos. Obleen I wore XXL, you mm M.

Is it true that you are seeking a postponement of the trial?

These are always the first things that the lawyer who has represented me since the arrest asks. I don’t know what age he is in, but I have a full heart in what he will do. And up to this point, the world has progressed, it has come out of the reality that it is.

Jan Cimick gave the first interview after the forecourt.

According to our information, the judgment after you is from the beginning. Are you ready to give it to him?

The court must, of course, give me a first glance, I can give anything. There is a possibility of breaking any secret, but in my case there is nothing to hide. My situation is completely transparent, and I think that a lot of people who follow the situation understand it.

Have you sought psychiatric help, for example from one of your colleagues, I asked?

What could they help me with? Colleagues support me, I will naturally take my side with people who really know me, see how I am and can put it into context. Eva Kantrkov wrote a very sensitive defense of my person. I think my lawyer will have all this together.

Will any of them default?

Nevm. Who on my side will notify me? Those who gave evidence to the police denied that they would have heard anything like that from my side.

This is how Jan Cimick looks like after the pedvkovn.

What about the incident itself, do you still insist on your innocence?

Of course, I’m innocent, but you think it’s a joke. But I would like to appeal to someone to prove to me that I have done something wrong. If I am innocent, that may be a subjective feeling, but when someone accuses someone of some wrongdoing, the accused must prove that it was so.

The trial will go first.

Keep repeating the same information here as it was at the arrest. No one went in depth and looked for whether it was even possible, whether it could have happened, whether the answer was time, whether the answer was local. Nobody got to the bottom of things.

Have you tried to contact the woman who appears as the victim in the case? About fifty of them were reported to the police, especially about your patients.

No. Why would I do it? Especially for the latter, we have their medical records, which we prepared for the police, as requested. If she didn’t use them, I can’t do anything about it.

Jan Cimick gave the first interview after the forecourt.

Are you prepared for the possibility that you will be convicted?

The hunter is never fully prepared for that. I never lost sight of the fact that there is some truth and some justice. But we know that the reality of the everyday world is not always the answer. Of course, it is possible, but a hunter cannot be prepared for this, especially when he knows that he has not actually done anything.

Today, by the way, the trial of ambassador Dominik Feri culminated, his case is similar. He was sentenced to two years in prison for two counts of rape and one attempted rape. Did you watch it?

I didn’t follow it. I don’t follow anything that’s going on because I don’t feel like processing things.

Are you afraid of accidentally going to prison?

I didn’t think about that at all.

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