The region continues to prepare the construction of the Plava Sanatorium, but does not want to wait for subsidies

The region continues to prepare the construction of the Plava Sanatorium, but does not want to wait for subsidies
The region continues to prepare the construction of the Plava Sanatorium, but does not want to wait for subsidies

For several months, the region has landed a company that will build the Plava Sanatorium for 784 million crowns, which is about two hundred million less than the original estimate. According to the governor’s office, she declared that she was able to shorten the construction period in order to meet the deadline of the end of the fifth year. In order to meet this deadline, it was originally necessary to conclude the contract by the middle of the year. However, the signing will eventually take place in the next few days.

After that, the company will start designing and in December it will be ready to be built, said Governor Jan Grolich (KDU-SL). Construction work will then start in earnest a few months later. The governorship hopes that in December 2025 the trial operation of the rehabilitated state could begin.

He plans to spend his own pension and 550 million crowns on the first construction of the current election period. It has to be used to pay for the subsidy from the National Recovery Fund, in which it seeks 289 million. On the formal side, there is enough in the pod, in addition, there are only a few in the sub-programme for the support of rehabilitators for patients after critical conditions. If the decision is positive, we get the whole stack. I’m sure it will happen in time, Grolich declared.

The deadline of December 2025 at the latest was required by the original conditions of the National Reconstruction Fund. Because the governor’s office could not wait due to the uncertainty surrounding the subsidy, it applied to postpone it. In the end, the Ministry itself decided that the deadline would be delayed by a few months.

On Thursday, 58 out of 60 representatives from South Moravia voted for the county council in preparation for the construction of the state. Jan Vitula fought and Petr Kunc was against, it is a pair of opposition representatives from the Spolu pro Morava grouping.

I’m missing any information regarding operating costs, the assumption of energy consumption, salary costs, and the like. We have an estimate that after these years of operation the sanatorium will generate a profit of 25 million crowns a year, but it is not based on it, explained Kunc.

Criticism of local sanatoriums

According to Governor Grolich, the outcome of two economic analyzes of the project has been updated with current energy prices. After two years, the operation could be profitable, but let’s not build for profit. When the operation is neutral, it will essentially be a loss, said the governor.

Kunc thus criticized the location of the sanatorium outside any inhabited land in the middle of the countryside. In the future, the Rise Sun women’s society is to be established in the city. This project for about two billion crowns was decided last year.

The brain rehabilitation center in Pasohlvki will offer 210 drugs. Clem is to form a sanatorium together with the Kladruby Rehabilitative State and the Hrabyn Rehabilitative State with professional rehabilitative states. They send patients after head, back and brain injuries or after major joint and amputation operations.

Approximately 150 employees work in the sanatorium. Here, we are working to have a dedicated staff, which is why we will open a special neurorehabilitation course with the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, added Grolich. Its capacity is approximately 25 people, it lasts two years. Deepen the distance to physiotherapists, occupational therapists and the field of general nursing.

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