The great prize went to the rescuer of the people from the Hoc building, and the Hrza policeman also received a broom

The great prize went to the rescuer of the people from the Hoc building, and the Hrza policeman also received a broom
The great prize went to the rescuer of the people from the Hoc building, and the Hrza policeman also received a broom

At that moment, I didn’t realize what was about to happen to you and me. I didn’t think about it, I had enough adrenaline, said Studnica after the ceremony in the residence of the mayor of the capital city of Prague.

In our village there was an association – hunters and firemen, I went there for about those seasons and we watched porn streams and similar things. Such foundations probably originated there, he answered from Rosice near Brno when asked who helped him to act in similar situations. He added that the prize will motivate him to help people beyond measure.

Mu, who is raising two children with his wife, was honored this year in April by working in a long house and he knew that the abandoned building next door was often inhabited by homeless people. He grabbed the dog and ran towards the locked window.

About five meters away, there is a stream, and we only have a height of 4.5 meters, so I had to climb up to the roof with my big stick, Studnica explained with a laugh. I had a terrible rush when I was rushing down that street, I knew.

After a while, he managed to kick out the iron door of the window and get air out of the door, which was lying on the windowsill. Studnica was unable to free the young woman, who had collapsed, from the room, but he remained holding her hand until the fire extinguisher passed by. It was terrible, I couldn’t even breathe, but I knew I couldn’t give up, he recalled.

In the end, the rescuers took six people out of the city – a pregnant woman and her companion, one of the firemen, two policemen and the rescuer himself, who got excited about the fire.

The finalist, 20-year-old Daniel Ziman, arrested a recidivist in Brno who tried to rape a young woman in the entrance of a house in August. Two passers-by immediately responded to the situation. The first, who wished to remain anonymous, kicked the aggressor away. Ziman left his car in the column and ran after the tonk, which he caught and held. A recidivist of the 19th century underwent sexological surgery.

It was like something from a movie, said Hrza

In April, fifty-two-year-old policeman Michal Hrza helped a young man who had attacked his wife on the street in Prague. Mue lay down and toiled and a policeman drove by. It turned out that Tonk attacked two children and other women around him without any guilt, who punched him in the face. He had those shoes in his backpack.

flows took place on April 3 around 7 p.m. on Verdunsk, Bubenesk and Raisov streets, according to the children’s hit on Pukinov nmst. He attacked him with his fists and punched them in the face. the women suffered various injuries and were unable to work after the flow.

One of the attackers was the girlfriend of member Michal Hrza, who managed to stop the aggressor. He chased the tonk from Raisova Street to Bubeneska Street, where he was caught and beaten by a policeman.

He said, you had a little daughter with you. When he saw his mistress, who was fighting for the TV and screaming, he ran after the fleeing tonka. We can’t kill innocent women and children. I grabbed him and laid down, then I waited until the police arrived, Hrza said.

I saw that he was a guy with glasses. He didn’t look like an oracle or a lunatic. When he lied, it was like something out of a movie, because he lied: I didn’t do anything, added the captain.

It’s not the first time that Hrza got into a similar situation. In April 2014, he was injured when he tried to stop a fight between two students in Ostrava. He spent a long time recovering from a stroke in the brain, and even lost his memory.

Dtt heroes

The organizers of the survey, which are the ADRA Foundation and Nova TV, presented the names of the nominated children’s heroes at a ceremony in the residence of the mayor of the capital city of Prague. You, the little eleven-year-old David from Tebosko, who helped a drowning man in the pond without hesitation on holidays.

Nine-year-old Elika from Blanensko saved the life of her mother, who had suffered a stroke at home, by calling the emergency line and following the instructions of the dispatcher. His 13-year-old namesake from Chrudim rushed to help the elderly man, but he collapsed on the street during the heat wave. Unlike faster adults, she behaved rationally and healed the core of the mass that her father had taught her to fire.

Michal Velk Prize

Clem morally appreciated the fight against human indifference and highlighted the people who behaved in a critical situation. The poll bears the name of a Nova television story, which in 2005 was filmed by a recidivist in a park in the center of Prague after Velek defended himself against a female student.

Appreciate the people who helped save the life of another hunter, even if they are not professional rescuers, firefighters, soldiers and police officers.

The public can nominate heroes from around the world. The nominated committee then selects the finalists from the received proposals, and the people then vote for them on the Internet. In addition to representatives of the police, fire and rescue services, Velk’s wife and a prostitute, who saved a life with his intervention, will sit in the committee.

During the 18 years of the project, the public participated in the survey of 1,161 various and accidental rescuers. Auntie was given first aid. The youngest nominee was 3.5 years old, the oldest 88 years old. the finalists of the award received a medal for heroism from the president, two of them in memoriam. Another finalist also won an award in the Zlat zchransk k poll.

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