Konice has a repaired road and new sidewalks

Konice has a repaired road and new sidewalks
Konice has a repaired road and new sidewalks


The Olomouc region invested more than seventeen million crowns in the repair of road II/336 in Konica in Zádvoří Street. Another 18 million went from the city budget to, for example, new sidewalks, electrical installation and lighting. The repair of the road began in September this year, and until the end of December, drivers will have only a light restriction in the form of one-way traffic on the road, controlled by traffic lights.

“I wish the drivers that the newly repaired road will serve them well for a long time and that they will always reach their destination safely. And for pedestrians, so that they can walk comfortably on the new sidewalks, which also have new lighting. Our governor’s office will continue to repair lower-grade roads in the next year as well,” assured Josef Suchánek, governor of the Olomouc Region.

The repaired road is six and a half meters wide and is even wider in the curves. The roadway also has new drainage, which will contribute to greater road safety and at the same time extend the life of the asphalt surface. In addition to the repaired road, partially repaired sidewalks are already serving people. There is still some additional construction work to be done, but everything should be finished this December.

“Konicko is one of the areas in the region where the roads, especially the third class, are in a very bad condition. I am glad that we are managing to repair these communications and today we opened another one of them. We will do everything to follow up on repairs next year,” added Michal Zácha, deputy governor of the Olomouc region for transport.

The Olomouc Region invests hundreds of millions of crowns in road repairs every year. For example, in September, the governor’s office put into operation a newly repaired road between Loštice and Moravičany, road workers are currently working on the demanding reconstruction of the road near Hanušovice.

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