The football express to Warsaw also stops in Olomouc

The football express to Warsaw also stops in Olomouc
The football express to Warsaw also stops in Olomouc

02 November 2023 – 14:34

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On Friday, November 17, Warsaw will host a qualifying match for advancing to the football EURO 2024. The Czech national team will face the Polish national team at the National Stadium in the Polish capital from 8:45 p.m. České dráhy, in cooperation with the Football Association of the Czech Republic, will send a special train for this match, the so-called Football Express, which will leave Prague in the morning and travel via Olomouc and Ostrava to Warsaw. Just after midnight, this football special will return to Prague along the same route. Ticket sales are ensured in the ČD e-shop, and fans with a purchased ticket for the match can use a special discount code for fares.

The fan special will depart on Friday, November 17 at 6:57 a.m. from Prague Central Station. “Access will be possible at the stations of Pardubice hl.n., Česká Třebová, Olomouc hl.n., Ostrava-Svinov and Ostrava hl.n. Arrival at Warszawa Wschodnia station is scheduled for 15:30. Czech spectators will thus have enough time to move to the PGE Narodowe Stadium (formerly the National Stadium), which is located less than two kilometers from the destination station of the express train – the Warszawa Wschodnia station. After the match, the train with the fans will go back to the Czech Republic. The train will depart from Warszawa Wschodnia station just after midnight, tentatively at 00:20. The train arrives in Prague after 9 o’clock in the morning. However, we ask passengers to check the exact time of departures, especially in the direction from Poland, just before the match.” said ČD press spokesman Petr Pošta, who specified: “Tickets for the special to Warsaw and back are on sale in the ČD e-shop for 1,990 crowns, with a match ticket and a discount code, spectators will pay 1,650 crowns. The price is uniform for all boarding stations in the Czech Republic and for all categories of passengers. The set will have a total capacity of approximately 470 seats.”

Author: editor, P. Pošta, source photo archive ČD

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