Zpadoesk derby is here! Energy m to Pilsen


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The first fall derby is here! Karlovarsk Energie won only one point in the city’s home match against Olomouc. Everyone will definitely want to drink from the hot Pilsners. Energetically, you can compete on skates. Will it be confirmed in the derby? We will find out the answers to these questions on Friday at 5:30 p.m.

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Entry of fans

You can go to the derby with our fans by bus. Departure is at 15:00 from KV Arena, meeting in fifteen minutes two. Consider signing up on the Carlsbad Ultras Facebook page.

About the soup

kodovka did not enter the flight session full of passengers. Although she won the water duel of the summer rink, in which she defeated the other champion from Tinca on her ice. But six defeats in AD followed and Plze even fell in the table to the very bottom. It was heard that the training tandem received an ultimatum from the management, and as it seems, this method worked. Out of the other eight duels, the Saints won Peter Konko thorn point and climb up the table. The last magical save was on the ice of Eskobudjovice on Tuesday and they lost it 1:4. Thus, they will not enter the Western derby in a fully prepared position.

Look for an ideal combination of individual steel formations. But if they can be 100% satisfied with him, then it is certainly the performance of both goals. Dominik Pavlt he is currently the best goal scorer in the whole team with a pass rate of 92.75%. As a reward for his excellent performance, he is nominated for the first representative event, the Karjala tournament. Even pre-season reinforcements to score goals, Slovakia’s talent Samuel Hlavaj successfully entered the esk nejvy soute. Its efficiency is 91.84%. Both are camouflaged and wear irregular armor. Therefore, who can guess who will be in goal in the birdies against Energy.

The most productive code game is Slovak tonk Adrien Holeinsk, who won 12 points (5+7). I’m only two points behind the defender Petr Zmorsk (2+8). Severt Tonci scored a tie after six points Aleksi Rekonen (3+3) p By Tim Sderlund (2+4). vdsk ikula went to Pilsen not long ago from Mlad Boleslav, and it must be said that it was conducted from the hit code to the black.

From the Energy cabin

The Energetics took only one point out of the city duel, when they did not win the entrance lottery with Mora from Olomouc. But he will bring me back Iikka Kangasniemi to the lineup. The Finnish ikula immediately recorded two assists and showed that he was in good form. On the other hand, after a hard attack by the Olomouc defender, the fighter withdrew from the rescue Over there, Prochzka and his condition, according to coach Bruk, immediately after the match, is not good. So leave with a question mark, whether he will start his first Wadeo derby on Friday.

You have to get by without armor like this Tom Bartejs, Filip Krajek and Luke Pulpna. In the course of errors, long-term injuries Jan Bernovsk.

About the match with Matje Sttesk and Vojtě ik

Derby is always special in itself and I don’t have to look for motivation to play it for about a day. This is where the paralytic will need extra care Matj Stetsk, he only played one season in the jersey of Karlovy Vary’s top rival. How do you deal with the soup in question? I would definitely like to invite our fans to create a great backdrop for us. Nothing is simple in Pilsen. It’s a roller-coaster ride that ends all fights. Play physical nron hockey. We will do it in order to win for those points and create a little distance and peace before the national team break.

The assistant trainer added his view Vojtch ikwho at the same time thanks the fans for their support so far and hopes that his fans will support him in the upcoming derby. Derby is always a little special. But it’s played like any other ten minutes, and we will have to work responsibly for the whole ten minutes, be disciplined and not encounter any mistakes and suspensions. We want to make the fabric last longer. The fans go home covered in profuse sweat, and we still can’t give them full joy. We know that they will support us in Pilsen and I promise that we will do our best to reward them with a relationship and these points.

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