In Prague, someone tore down photos of people abducted by terrorists to Gaza from the wall of the Jewish cemetery


He reported on the incident first on Friday morning the operator of the Prague kosher restaurant Aaron Günsberger and published a photo from the scene of the crime in the post. It shows that it was Široká street in the Josefov quarter, i.e. the historic Jewish town. In these places, the wall behind which the Old Jewish Cemetery is located leads to the Pinkas Synagogue.

According to Günsberger, Hamas supporters arrived in the street in two vehicles with the flag of the terrorist organization on the roof.

“They blocked the street for about two minutes, tore down the posters and fled in their vehicles. The police have their registration numbers and everything is recorded by cameras,” said the author of the post.

The police are investigating a Palestinian supporter because of the inscription on her T-shirt at Wednesday’s Prague demonstration

The posters featured photos of people taken hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip following a brutal attack on attendees of a music festival and kibbutz in the State of Israel on the morning of October 7. According to information on social networks, the posters were put up on the wall again on Friday.

Tearing down posters with photographs of kidnapped Israeli children is common in cities in Western Europe and the USA. This is mostly done by Arabs, Muslims or followers of extreme left-wing ideologies, who have recently taken openly anti-Semitic positions.

Police spokesman Jan Rybanský confirmed that his colleagues are investigating the case from Thursday afternoon. Details are not yet available, the police have also not confirmed the information about the Hamas flag.

“The police are securing clues and we will evaluate the camera footage,” the spokesman said, referring to the very beginning of the investigation.

The incident is currently being treated as a suspected offense against civil coexistence, but the police do not rule out that the classification of the crime may still change.

If the information about the flag of Hamas, which is on the list of terrorist organizations of the EU, were to be confirmed, it would be a criminal offense of supporting and promoting terrorism, punishable by three to twelve years in prison.

Anti-Semitism is a negative attitude or even hatred towards Jews or the Jewish faith (Judaism). The origin of the word dates back to the 19th century, it was probably first used in 1860 by the Jewish scholar Moritz Steinschneider in the phrase anti-Semitic prejudices in connection with the ideas of the French philosopher Ernest Renan about the superiority of the Aryan race over the Semitic.

Later, the term appeared in German nationalist literature and was directed exclusively against people of Jewish origin or faith, although it ostensibly refers to Semites in general. The term Semite is a designation for peoples who speak a Semitic language, i.e. Hebrew or Arabic, for example. Due to the historical development of the term anti-Semitism, Arabs can paradoxically be called anti-Semites, even though they are Semites themselves.

Israel showed a new website with pictures of the massacre of Hamas

Because of the war in Gaza, hatred against Jews has risen worldwide

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