The child’s consent will be required from the age of 12, when the parents want to change their name

The child’s consent will be required from the age of 12, when the parents want to change their name
The child’s consent will be required from the age of 12, when the parents want to change their name

According to the proposal, it should be possible to write both the diminutive and the family name in the matrimonial book. And now, not only before the court as before, but also before the mother’s court, he will be able to prove paternity by the so-called triple agreement or the consent of the mother, her husband, who is not the father of the child, and the real father.

Satek will now be able to close in front of deputies and senators. Minister of the Interior af STAN Vt Rakuan supported the proposal by MP Robert Krlek from opozinho ANO. He gave the right to allow me to conclude a civil marriage even without a registry office.

The electronicization of registers should be the next step in the digitization of state records. Matri’s books in paper form will remain in the archives. Moreover, they will also be in a centralized information system, which should facilitate people’s access to the matrix.

A birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate will be issued by any matrimonial order, regardless of local jurisdiction, and thus selected representative orders. The system is able to issue matrimonial documents in electronic form with the length of their validity, I also print their length verification.

Some matrimonial fees will thus increase, and payments for the addition of a signature or stamp on a document will increase from 30 crowns to 50 crowns.

Registered partnership in many places

Rewards should be valued by representatives

The House of Representatives approved an amendment to the Act on Municipalities, which will introduce a regular valuation of the remuneration of municipal and regional representatives. The amendment can only introduce an upper limit for the remuneration of a representative, the specific value would be set by the councils, just as it is now.

The amendment thus increases the limit to five times, which will be decided by the general and regional councils or councils in the case of grants and subsidies or debt forgiveness.

The amendment will now be considered by Sent.

People of the same sex will thus be given the opportunity to enter into a registered partnership on any matrimonial register.

Now it is possible to conclude a registered partnership on 14 selected matrices.

However, the LGBT+ community is waiting for the outcome of the discussion proposal, which would allow marriage for all, which has so far passed the first time in the Parliament, but the deputies have not yet agreed on how it could be passed.

The representatives of the first LGBT+ members proposed a compromise for this week, according to which a new couple of the same sex would be guaranteed the same first marriage as a husband, but their union would not be called a marriage, but a new partnership.

On Friday, MPs approved an amendment to the Employment Act, making the conditions for employment agencies tougher.

Accelerated construction of transport infrastructure

Deputies are now debating an amendment to the Line Act, which the government wants to speed up the authorization of strategic investments.

We intend to speed up the restart of the Czech Republic, Minister of Transport Martin Kupka told MPs.

According to him, the changes proposed by the amendment mean that the completion of a number of the most important constructions in transport, both long-distance constructions and high-speed rail constructions, will be accelerated, as well as significantly improved for energy constructions. The next necessary step is the construction of an infrastructure charge on the main roads, said Kupka.

On the agenda of the extraordinary meeting is also an amendment to speed up the construction of a deep radioactive waste storage facility. Deputies will vote on legislative proposals that would give municipalities first veto over the construction of such a facility on their land.

The last point of the proposed program is the government’s proposal, which can help to limit the shortage of alcohol on the Czech market.

Pm transfer of the House of Representatives

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